Unification News for July 2003

5-day Workshop Held in Albania

Already some time had passed since the last 5-day workshop we held at the end of 2002. In January, we organized a 3-day workshop for the graduates of that 5-day workshop with the desire to do something for God and True Parents. It was great because President Sa came to give a lecture on the formula course. As a result, a New Hope Team called "The Albanian STF" was set up with about a dozen members.

After celebrating the historical True Parents' Birthday on 6 February 2003, we decided to host the next 5-day workshop from March 13th to 17th. The goal for this workshop was to bring seventy new guests. This time we decided to change the place of the workshop to Durres, a city on the Adriatic coast.

The hard work of the Albanian brothers and sisters coupled with the help of two ETF (European Task Force) teams gave us the confidence to fulfill our goal. Eventually, sixty new guests came to the workshop. Now it is our responsibility to bring these children of God closer to Heavenly Father's and True Parents' Heart. It was a great help for us that Mr. Chang from European Continental Headquarters came to give some lectures.

The two ETF teams and our Albanian New Hope Team were mainly responsible for organizing the practical part of the workshop. Beside this most of them had to take care of their own guests which they could bring within a very short time of witnessing. For them it was a wonderful experience to participate in a workshop with so many new guests who listened to the Principle so intensively and with great interest.

Many ETF members said that this workshop experience helped them a lot in their own life of faith. They changed their attitudes toward the movement after observing the positive reactions of the guests towards True Parents. True Parents are not the True Parents for us only but also all humankind.

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