Unification News for July 2003

ACLC / TFVM Conference in Boston

by Rev. Bamfo

The June 9th, 2003 ACLC / TFVM monthly conference held at the historic 46 Beacon St. Family Church Center brought another great success to God and True Parents. We had a total of 39 ministers, their wives and Elders attended. Among them were our cores ACLC Minister including those who participated in the Pilgrimage to Rome and Israel.

The MC was Bishop Erell Skyers (Chairman of TFVM, MA). Rev. Richard Wright an Executive member of ACLC in our region welcomes the participant. He also gave brief background information about ACLC. Among others were Rev. Father Cecil Cozier of African Orthodox Church, Rev. Bradshaw, Rev. Mathew Babalola, Christ Apostolic Church Mt Zion, Rev. Shola, Dr. and Mrs. Suluki of Islamic Society of America.

Rev. Philip O. Fakiyesi of Christ Apostolic Church, Providence, RI gave a profound testimony about the trip to Rome and Israel. He called all participants to go beyond themselves, their denomination, religion, nationality and race for the sake of world peace. He said, "The outward expression should resonate with what is inside. Suicide bombers externally may look friendly; in the next moment they are ready to destroy life. Letís repent and love one another especially as religious people."

The presentation of "Beyond The Cross: The Road to Victory in Jerusalem" a new video prepared by Rev. Philip Schanker established the ground work for the keynote speaker, Dr. Andrew Wilson, a lecturer at the Unification Theological Seminary, New York. Dr. Wilson explained biblical and Historical conflicts between Jews, Christians and Moslem, the children of Abraham. He also emphasized the role of Christianity to help in this process of reconciliation, the need to help each other to overcome these historical barriers between the children of Abraham. He spent considerable amount of time explaining about why the cross should come down.

The majority of the ministers present, including one Moslem couple (Dr. & Mrs. Suluki) agreed with his presentation. Rev. Wayne Gadie, Rev. Wright and many others requested for a copy of Dr. Wilsonís paper. Rev. Kil Hwan Kim, Regional Director brought the evening to a close explaining about True Parents background activities for the United Nations to consider the inclusion of Upper House Religious Senate in UN. Dr. Suluki closed the event with a prayer.

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