Unification News for July 2003

SFP in Nepal

by Toshiaki Iwata.

World CARP Nepal has begun a national campaign of "Service for Peace" with several programs throughout the country. The first event was inaugurated by the Hon. Kamal Prasad Chaulagain, Minister of Labor and Transport with around 300 VIPs and CARP members.

A second event was held on Feb 22nd in Gorkha -- one of the most historical places of Nepal -- and was chaired by the Hon. District Justice. Those in attendance included the chief of Police, the Chamber of Commerce, different political parties and NGO's of the district and representatives of the army and government, and there was great enthusiasm for the vision of changing a whole nation through service.

The keynote speech was delivered by Mr. Ek Nath Dhakal, President of World CARP Nepal, and was televised to more than 5,000 people on a local TV channel that evening The first stage national tour is aimed to convey the message, vision and plan for the national and is planned for 12 different cities by the end of March 2003 including Dhading, Lalitpur, Ghorai, Bharatpur, Pokhara, and Sarlahi.

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