Unification News for July 2003

Korea’s First Dandelion Family Festival

This past May 24th, the CGL’s first Dandelion Family Festival, sponsored by Service for Peace Korea was held at the Little Angel's Performing Arts Center. The Colors of Love, the cultural ambassadors for Service for Peace performed special songs for the participants of the event.

CGL, which stands for "Culture", "Game" and "Leisure", is one of Service for Peace Korea's many cultural enriching projects. During this CGL event, handicapped people, children who must support their families and foreign workers were paired up one to one with regular college students.

Through the harmonious atmosphere created through cultural and athletic leisure activities, the participants, each with their individual differences, were able to overcome racial and social differences and become one. As the volunteers and those being served had previously been participating in a variety of CGL activities such as visiting an aquarium, watching a movie, and snow sledding together, this event became a place in where they could share their hearts and concern for one another like one big family.

The festival, filled with various programs was a new cultural experience in itself for the volunteers and the disabled. There were performances by Sadakdari, a sign language performance group, activities involving interaction with the audience, as well as special performances by the Little Angels Performing Arts Group.

The Colors of Love, the cultural ambassadors for Service for Peace offered the congratulatory performances at this event. They prepared a special performance for the participants of this Dandelion Family Festival. The songs were "Because I love you" and Atomic Kittens’ "Tide is High". Their performance was very meaningful as C.O.L. had been directly participating in the CGL activities. They had laughed, talked and shared their hearts with the disabled and the volunteers.

The four members of Colors of Love, representing the various rays of love with their different nationalities, races and culture, were introduced as cultural ambassadors singing as one for the peace of the world. More than any other performance, C.O.L's energetic presence on the stage, was the most enjoyable and touching to those at the festival who had participated in the service activities. Colors of Love plans to continue participating in such cultural volunteer services with CGL and Service for Peace.

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