Unification News for June 2003

Address to the Workshop on Journalism and Media

Sun Myung Moon

This is from an address given to the Workshop on Journalism and Media held May 30, 2003 at the Sheraton National Hotel, Washington, D.C. From notes taken by M. Herbers and Rev. M. Jenkins. Translated by Rev. J. Hong.

Eighty per cent of you can become experts in media. Education is done through schools and media. What we need then is education in the areas of politics, economics. Ambassadors will take responsibility for the diplomatic area. "True Parents" is an incredible title to have. People just living comfortably cannot be called TP. Even if a family is living well and praying diligently, they cannot assume the role of TP. Why? Because they are descendants of the fall; they don't have reciprocal relationship with God.

If they can't, what God doesn't need should not exist on earth. Has to go into hell in spirit world. God did not create the world in this way. It became divided because of fall. So we have to deny the part of the world that cannot connect with God and create a new world connected with God. That is why religion exists in history. The Chinese character for religion means roof, and under that all the filial children who receive those religions. A media and education event, that nation's relation in media, politics, etc. can become things God needs and bring things to the world that God requires.

All the media and politics resulting from the fallen lineage are unnecessary. Why? Because of the fall, man denied God, was separated from God. Adam and Eve became enemies to each other. Adam said Eve made him fall, Eve blamed the archangel. Who takes responsibility for the fall? It was the archangel's responsibility, the number one who denies God is Satan, who was head of the angels. For eternity God has to place responsibility.

Because God created the world based on love, he could not force the world to come back to Him but had to subjugate naturally through teaching humans to become filial children, and also families and nations to be the filial children God wanted. Nations that God wants, to become saints in this world, the son and daughter God needs. That is the ultimate goal. To achieve realm of oneness with God.

What God wants is to go to the ultimate goal God requires -- what is that? The archangel doesn't know it. The AA fell because he didn't know God's ultimate goal of love. Neither did Adam or Eve. Only God knows this ultimate goal of love. What is that final purpose? But you don't now what that world is. Journalists here, what is it? Do you understand God or not? The WT reporters, do they like God or not? Whoever likes God the most are the people who have gone through the most difficult times and sacrificed the most on earth. They want the peaceful world God desires. How many such people are there in America?

The Bible says you should seek his kingdom and righteousness. Those who seek to lose their life for that sake will gain it and have hope for eternity. That is central point of Jesus' philosophy. How many Americans are determined to go the way of God's will? The enemy has become the enemy of God. To digest all those, to become one with God, to have true siblings with God, where can people learn about that? The problem is that A fell before he knew. The AA fell before God's will was accomplished, before that ideal became known. He didn't know hat Adam was going to accomplish. The AA has to be subjugated naturally, Adam has to be taught. If they knew, they wouldn't have fallen. To go into the deepest heart of God and understand.

Everyone has attributes, absolute and unique love, eternal love, unchanging love. Only God has those. Is that true? The original SS and HS were a harmonized body. The reciprocal partner. The original SS is like that. God is like a ray of sunshine coming down vertically. Horizontally everything is created such that they have give and take, returning joy to God.

If your mind and body were not struggling together, wouldn't you be peaceful? Right now your mind and body are completely separated. If they don't struggle, you don't suffer. If they have smooth give and take, you don't feel pain. God also within original SS and HS is a harmonized body. His attributes could be placed in all the created beings in the world. Those people who have S & O and have GTS through true love, to have that you must not seek to receive but to give love, tens of thousands of times more love than you receive. With that kind of GTA will there be struggle or peace?

This child will become a year old. He knows what his parents and grandparents like and how to give them joy, even though he's not yet one year old. Watch and see what I become. He also understands and smiles and laughs and says hello from far away when he sees his father and mother coming. He knows the difference between his father and grandfather. Where does that wisdom come from? It's a wisdom of love. To raise up that kind of heart of love, to understand that deep heart of God we need to fill ourselves with that heart. To create something that God likes, even everyone in the family likes that world of love. A world without love is like a desert. Even though there's sun and clean water, there's still not a good place to be.

When people who live there don't know anything. Because of the fall they became that way.

It's not the lack of knowledge that made the fall. There was a formula that had to be established there -- that was God's cherished desire and that humanity desired there. Don't you smart reporters think so? Do you know God's heart? If you want to go into that world, you cannot go there physically. God gave us a part living in the physical world and also in the sp. world.

If you go to the mountains in this area. If you go to the deepest part of the Grand Canyon, the echo resounds throughout. That echoing between God and man was the kind of beautiful love we were supposed to have, when the whole canyon echoes. That is what God wants. Even to be dancing with God, echoing love back and forth. Not, this is mine, this is mine. But this belongs to love, this is absolutely unique unchanging and eternal love. Does that exist right now?

Those of you called here to be responsible for the media, do you at least have the potential to become that way? If you are students, you have to answer your teacher. What you are you if you don't even answer the question?

As result of the fall human beings fell into ignorance. Even the fact that the universe is in a pair system is something the UC discovered. Did you hear that before joining UC? Subject and object partners have complete give and take eternally, have give and take together. Partners together can have that GTA. Have you thought how you could have a family having that kind of GTA going before God? All things in nature are all educated. What kind of animal can be trained? The dolphins can be trained to do things. They race alongside boats as far as 50 miles. Once they defeat the ship, they stop following it because they see no purpose. Once the champion defeats his opponent, he doesn't see any point in fighting him again.

Would you like to live in a place where that kind of competition exists/ In the media world everyone competes desperately. Mr. Joo, you have been doing this more than 10 years. He gained weight while he was here. We're desperate that way because we know the world is going in a desperate direction. If you're just sitting here peacefully singing, that's not enough. If you know where the world is going, you have to work hard to change that.

The Kremlin was the source of the problem and we worked hard to correct those. It's interesting for me -- on March 17th I went into the hospital; Confusion reigned in the world and things became as I predicted. Everything seemed caught in a nylon net. How can this be restored to its original position? Who do we go to for that? We ask God, but he cannot tell you. Because Adam fell into ignorance, the ambition and fallen desire of Lucifer was there, so God cannot just tell you because He doesn't know what that fallen ambition may result in.

We must be able to understand that and must resolve that, resolve all the grief of the world in the current situation where it's as though caught in a net. You don't seem to understand what I'm saying. You have to say there is that possibility, even if I say there isn't. Can you make a country here that God can be proud of. World media representatives, Cheon Il Guk rallies, in the future we'll have ambassadors of CIG. Those people who are unqualified cannot do that. We have to have a group of people who are qualified. If there is a God then he must be able to help us. If we work 10 years, 20 years to accomplish that, the most wise person would go the least wise person and say, God is this way would that person follow automatically? No, they won't.

We have to go into an unknown world where the media can teach people about God. Even if F & M could not do it, the world could not do it, no matter how often people offer morning prayers, we have to have a heart that is concerned about the world even more than God, more than anyone else. You are UC members and you believe in the all, don't you? Everything in the world has to be completely cleaned up, turned away from God because of the enemy. They didn't want to go to God so they turned away from God. God closed his eyes and simply turned away and tore it down.

In order to create the true love world, that is the education that Rev. Moon gives in workshop centers. DO you welcome that? Yes sounds like Jesus, Jesus in Korea. That connects with the heavenly world. Now I'm talking about these things -- shall I speak for along time or short time? What did I say were God's attributes? Absolute love, unique love, unchanging love. Don't think you know it better than I do. If you want to get a perfect score, you have to do it 1,000 times. IF you want a high grade, you have to do better than this. IF you know these things completely you have everything.

DO you have parents at home with absolute love? [No.] The UC says your parents are fake parents, but they think they are your real parents and TP are fake parents. Which ones are real? The ones that teach you about God and the principles of Heaven and Earth, and teach you about what you need to do in your life. Those who follow that way will go to a world of happiness. The secret of becoming one, going to the high mountain and sweating a lot, to have an interesting story there around the camp and then become one that way through that kind of experience. Even if a strong wind comes, no matter what happens in your lives. All the feelings and interest that you can share together through that experience of climbing the mountain together, you don't realize it but nature will speak to you, that people in spirit world are working When you pray in the spirit world and go beyond day and night, they can work 24 hours, be busy. Would you like to live in that kind of world or not? I'm sure you wouldn't want to live there. Do you think you want to go to the spirit world?

The best time to marry is by the age of 23. You shouldn't marry too late. That's why in UC we encourage to marry early because even in the spirit world it is that way. No matter how much you want to grow, if a child is born into the wrong environment there's a limit to how far he can grow. A person who believes in God and Jesus may not be able to go to the KOH but at least can go to Paradise. Christians say everything else is heresy but what they believe and that is what divides Christianity, but in fact members of the UC teach people how to become princes of the KOH. Those who know the UC know it's the way that leads them to diamonds. We will continue in this way no matter, even if people tell us not to. The descendants can go into that world that will eventually lead to a path without indemnity.

In WWII there were countless military leaders who were given an order and died on the battlefield. However, we honored them for their sacrifice. As soon as he was trained to go to the battlefield they must go to fulfill their purpose. However, even if they are on the way to the battlefield but then the war ends he would not be honored. If a 5-star general heads out to the battlefield, but does not reach the battlefield before the war ends, would he receive the peoples' gratitude? Everyone who participates in the battle will receive credit. Therefore don't hesitate. This is the time to rush to the battlefield.

Humanism is Satan-centered philosophy. In the last days should be harmony between religion and politics. America has been used to liberate countries in the rest of the world, but then they put the brakes on religious education. This is wrong. Only Rev. Moon is stressing the need for religious education. In communist countries the CIA said, please don't go to Moscow. There is an assassination plot waiting for you. How can you go there? But I said no, I have to go. I knew everything I said there would be recorded and checked, but I read my message about God aloud many times in my room so they would know exactly what I was saying and that I wasn't afraid. They knew that I would not compromise on the reality of God as the source of all solutions. I said, go ahead and listen to what I'm saying, again and again. They realized that I was not trying to destroy them but to build it into something God could receive. They sent a special representative to me and asked, when communism was gone, do you have confidence to rebuild those countries? It said, of course we do. I'm sure that was the first time they met such a person. Within eight years.

Of course I established churches and other churches did not have that kind of confidence. Kim Jong-il is going on that path right now. TO save himself he could even kill 12 million people. Is that a good or bad? I've been trying to open the way for Kim Jong-il to go the right way. If he listens he will prosper. America should come to me and express gratitude and learn from me how to educate communists. In that way they can lead the world into the KOH.

I deal with the UN in that respect, Nobel laureates have to learn from me. You must know God, that He is your father, then what all the five saints are saying (Jesus, Mohammed, Confucius, Buddha and Hindu leaders), they are calling me the messiah and savior, builder of the 3rd Israel -- that's not a lie.

Together with their 120 disciples made their declaration from heaven and then we proclaimed it on earth. This declaration made by the communist leaders that I am the LSA, True Parent and person with the royal authority to liberate communist realm. This was the declared in Spirit World. This was printed in NY Times, and the media was able to do 80 percent -- the media fights on that level.

Those in the media have the ability, they are smart enough, they could make $10000 a day if they wanted to. Sometimes the word or revelation comes about my work without my knowing it. If I'm not doing it consciously, God must be doing it. Just watch and see how it comes about as I say. It is unmistakable that God knows. People will come to know and understand this. This has all been published.

In UC the revelation is unmistakable. People who go to spit world will see if this is right or wrong. The scholars from around the world bring their papers to W&I. Now in achieving our purpose here, to establish the KOH on earth. Then next will be education, much higher and greater than Harvard. Depending on how long it takes t deal with the UN to establish the Kingdom of Heaven, the way will appear. Is Dr. Lee the President of Sun Moon University here? Why did I appoint a woman? Because a woman has that kind of ability. Do you think she's doing a good job or not? She's in a man's world, all these arrogant people she has to subjugate. She has the ability to subjugate them. (To Dr. Lee) Do you feel within yourself that kind of ability? (Yes).

Right now we are having the wives come to learn about the media. In the 1st and 2nd stage the women were not able to fulfill responsibility, but in the 3rd stage they can achieve victory -- become ambassador. We've prepared many people for that. Even if the entire world opposes us, we'll still be able to accomplish this purpose, go this way tens of thousands of years. God will absolutely help us to accomplish and open the way. As long as we are determined and continue to go, it will certainly open up.

We are in a time of new beginning. Now the realm of subject realm for that purpose, one billion light years in the solar system. Can you imagine how huge that is? How incredibly big. How that entire universe can be harmonized, to liberate God, eradicate all effects of the fall from the world and restore it to God, to go to Him and say, God, everything that has lost as a result of Adam's fall has now been returned to you. All those things are now yours. If God says, I will not make it, but you will make it, it's your turn -- do you know what that means? God will then give human beings the ability to make a beautiful world, billions o times more beautiful. Those people then can be spread throughout the world.

That is the purpose of my life. The enemies of God, the enemies of the 5 saints, have opposed us. Now there is cleansing and everything that is wrong has been burned away. You did the holy burning ceremony. It was symbolic of that, burning away the fallen world. The True Parents of heaven and earth and the holy (Cheon Il Guk) blessing, until then there was no Kingdom of God so there could not be a holy blessing. Because of the fall God lost His nation. Without a nation there could not be a marriage, a nation to receive the marriage report. Satan had full power and authority, but without fighting had to subjugate Satan naturally.

To go back to God's philosophy foundation and establish a realm of victory in this world, perfected Adam could have a ceremony for God and establish God's Kingdom.

Only God could rise up to this victory realm. Centering on 90-degree angle, we must have unity of upper and lower. Mr. J. do you understand? With that kind of determination you can control the media world. All the people you met, the networks you established, you can bring al those people together into one. The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity, is in a world where people are interested in great palaces and riches, we established our goal as the Unification of World Christianity. People don't take that seriously and they would see a sign on our church with that name in the early days and make fun of it, but I told our members, don't pay any attention.

How difficult it was for us to love the people like Maria Pak who opposed us.

I know the taste of everything. Liquor smells terrible. I was in prison for a long time so I really appreciate the taste of water. It's so tasty. In order to go this way by myself, in 15 years I'll be 100. Sometimes I feel like I'm 100, but it's nothing. I don't want to leave any debts. Already four children in my family have died away from their homeland. I may have to die away from my homeland, but to work completely even up to the moment of going to spirit world. If I say something, you must do it. If you don't, that will be sin. If you go into the spirit world, depending on how long and how much you did in this world, your level will be determined. You have to receive authorization and signature before you go there. I want all of you to be able to go there without problem.

If we establish CIG embassies, they must all have ambassadors. At least one-third of the nations in the UN must welcome these embassies. The national assemblies must be educated. The organization that can establish this has to educate concerning God's providence. For America to stand as the 2nd Israel has to be on the foundation of blessed parents and family. They must be educated to achieve this.

My cherished desire in my life -- is there someone else who has the desire to establish the level of filial son at the UN?

How many white people in America refuse to get married? So many people are dying with incredible spiritual debts. They go into homes and hotels, and have irresponsible relations and are destroying the family.

There must be one media organization in the world to achieve the change that is needed. Michael Jenkins, who is going to change this. (Abonim). Not abonim, the media united must do it. All people must be grateful for this.

We must go this way. You must appoint the ambassadors and then educate them in the world. You must work day and night without even wasting one single second. If you have that kind of victory then the future that you will have will be the Kingdom of God.

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