Unification News for June 2003

41st Day of All True Things

Sun Myung Moon

This is from notes taken by Rev. Michael Jenkins at the service at the National Sheraton Hotel, Washington, DC, May 31, 2003.

The fall was the most crucial problem that occurred in history. Your mind and body, when will they become one. Have you thought about that. Hana Nim means one. Unified. Even though there are millions of things in the universe they are all harmonized and unified in God.

No matter how wonderful and incredible a being is, without love there is no value. Without love there is nothing. Even if your mind and body were united there must be love. This is the highest ideal. To have true happiness we must be brought together in True Love. That is the logic of God. That is the true creation. This absolute, unique and unchanging.

This Day of all True Things. I'm 83 now. I was half my age when we established the True Day of All Things. What is that existence that God has longed for. What is the direction process and purpose of God's will. Centering on what God can harvest the fruit must be love. There are many American women here. There are many beautiful American women here. But God doesn't care about that. Some will say I want to control man and everything. But that is not God's way. The ideal of God is that the fruit must be ripened centered on love. Even though the fallen world is as it is, God's truth and core love centers on the family. God wants to harvest that ripened fruit centering on love. Why? From now the hopeful attitude is centering on True Love.

True Parents means that there is only one. There should be no translation needed. I studied English over and over again. I wrote words down from the dictionary in 10 notebooks. Now I'm older, I have to look up the same word many times. After, 50, 60 or 70 it is very difficult to learn a language. Now I proclaimed that I would stop using translation. How can you say you really love your parents and don't understand Korean. I came and invested in America, with all my heart. There must be husband and wife, but that will only last one generation. There must be lineage. That's where God's heart is.

Then the kingdom of heaven on earth can be expanded centering on the blessed family. Can the head of state stop the decline of morality. Only God can stop it. If a preacher speaks more than 20 minutes his congregation will run away. What do you want me to do. Should I continue, my record is 16 hours and 45 minutes. Mother was pregnant 14 times and had 13 children. (Father asked all true children to stand up).

Did mother have good children? Yes. They have graduated from Harvard. Look at Hyung Jin Nim, he shaved his head and he is so good. Now everyone wants to dress like him.

Do we need just one race. No, God made all races. If one race tries to preserve only its own race it will decline. The white race is declining in numbers in the world because of this.

Because Jesus was not received then Christianity and Islam appeared. By the time Jesus was 43 he would have been able to bless the world. Jesus could not establish the family. No one is opposing the blessing in the Unification Church because they can see what the Blessed Families are like and what they are doing. Now the opposition to the blessing has passed. Now they come forward and ask for the blessing. Now you are matching your own children. When I go to my homeland all the sweat, blood and tears that I shed in America will be harvested.

If a person becomes a prison of love, he doesn't care. Love is the greatest power and joy. One woman had morning sickness, and a husband, instead of making the rice cake in a normal way, he danced around the rice cake as he was beating it thinking about how he loves his wife. When she ate it the love in the rice cake cured her morning sickness. That is the True Love. Without love of True Partner they cannot know love. Once you taste True Love through your partner do you want to lose that partner. Would you exchange that partner for another? True Love is OK. OK means Open Kingdom. That is the overall conclusion.

God wanted me to plant the seeds in this country and even if I couldn't harvest the fruit the Blessed Families will harvest it. Are you here just to plant seeds or to harvest. (Harvest!) Blessed Children must become members of the Kingdom of Heaven. This is crucial for God's providence.

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