Unification News for June 2003

RYS 2003

by John W. Gehring

We have five exciting interfaith service projects remaining in 2003 ready and waiting for you to join. Now is the time to apply or become a sponsor for someone to join one of these great projects!

August 1-14 Trinidad and Tobago:

Participants will begin in Trinidad on an beautiful 14 acre natural setting and later move to Tobago where they will work on the upkeep of the coral reef. Our education programs and public service will focus on environmental issues, cross-cultural understanding and character building.

August 9-13 Sri Lanka (war-torn northern area)

The project comprises of partial construction work for a preschool, donating school furniture and preparing of a playground (with equipment) for young children living at Yogapuram, Urumburai South in the Jaffna Peninsula.

August 16-29 Paraguay

Support a rural school in picturesque Paraguay. Visit the fabulous Iguazu Falls.

October 19-27 Korat, Thailand

Join a youth interfaith forum at the UN (Bangkok), then travel to Korat to serve a nursery school and a Buddhist monastery. This is a fabulous event for October. If you have not been to Thailand, this is your chance!

December 5-14 Delhi, India

Our final project for the year will be a Peace Among Religions Project for South Asia. Will run concurrent with the Parliament of World Religions and include visits to holy sites of the religions in northern India.

Coming in 2005: The RYS 20 Anniversary Celebration and Alumni Reunion. We will soon be posting alumni lists and are seeking to contact all RYS alumni from 1985 on to invite them for this great event.

All candidates are responsible for their own travel and visa. We do not provide assistance for travel or visas.

For more information:


RYS, 155 White Plains Rd., Tarrytown, NY 10591.

Tel 914-631-1331 ext 109

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