Unification News for June 2003

`Amazing Grace': Father God, Lord Jesus, and True Parents

Rev. V.A. -- Atlanta, GA

`How Sweet the Sound': The sound of reconciliation in the hearts of all the people, the smiles of forgiveness on the faces, and thankfulness seen in the movement of the bodies of the Christians, Jews and Moslems. All praises to you, oh, God, and Father Moon, for allowing us, your sheep, to travel on this pilgrimage to the Holy Land. To hear the sound of the goats, the sheep, the camels and the Jews, the Moslems, and the Christians all striving to be more like You!

`That saved a wretch like me': You saved me by giving me more life! Joy and peace of mind! Wretch, body suffering from old thoughts and ideas. That is, understanding the importance of coming out of the box of `old beliefs' and accepting the fact that we are in the Second Israel coming. We planted seeds of forgiveness and true love. We established at the symposium a firm foundation to nurture the seeds of true love.

`I once was lost': This trip has taught me to push, shove and kick to the curb the old box that I have been raised in. Pushing with a heart and sprit of God and true love. Not to be angry or upset with those who do not understand the meaning of exchanging the cross for a crown, but to pray that one day they will all their hearts to be renewed. I often remember that the Bible says, "To study to show yourselves approved, rightly dividing the word of the Lord."

`But now I'm found!' The box that our families had us sealed, glued and taped up in most be `buried,' as we buried the cross in Jerusalem. I am only sorry that I didn't use the shovel and personally shove the dirt in the hole. Dad, I loved you but I don't wear your heart attack around my neck and have it hanging in front of my church! The cross that I always wore has now been exchanged for a crown. Hallelujah!

`Was blind': All of our eyes, hearts and minds have been blind, sometimes in our lives, but it is time to understand that now is the time of the Second Coming! And in the name of Jesus, rebuke every hindering spirit.

`But now I see': Our final glory is remembering that Jesus said, "I would not have you to be ignorant!" He allowed himself to be crucified for our sins. He is the way, the truth and the light. He is our guide always by our sides. I thank God and Father Moon for allowing me to walk where Jesus walked. Walking in the Garden of Gethsemane and Golgotha. I will never forget the feeling of the Holy Spirit going through my body as I wept at the Wailing Wall.

I pray that we, the new disciples, called by God, will begin to write new scripture, that our Lord would have us write a testament that will be accepted by all God's people.

I also pray that we will work at reconciliation between Jewish people, Moslems, and Christians all over the United States and other countries other than Israel, and of course continue to work with the Israelites.

In the Bible God changed many names! Therefore, He would have us do the same to glorify him, love him, trust and obey him!

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