Unification News for June 2003

Open Letter To True Parents - Pilgrimage to Jerusalem and Rome

by Bishop Moses and Dr. Margie de la Rosa -- Mt. Vernon, NY

I am presently in the mode of daily miracles. In the spirit world I have seen and heard you praying for us, while on this trip to Israel and Rome. Also, I have heard you prior to this.

While down in the prison cisterns, the Holy Spirit fell upon all of us and we wept over Jerusalem; there was true love experienced and a deep desire to live for the sake of others. This love lineage destroys hate, division, evil and every type of mental conflict.

As True Parents, you are this true love, directly from God. Christians, Jews and Muslims gave themselves an evaluation and they realized that God is not pleased with hearts of hate. Therefore, many repented, and asked for forgiveness from each other and God.

God has truly revealed to you "as to how to establish His Kingdom on earth. You have been given the anointing to bring multi-ethnic and religions together. I have hypothesized this also as a doctor of psychology.

Father Moon, I am on a mission of love and restoration for my people, the Native Americans, who have been abandoned and pushed into reservation camps. There is poverty, hate, homelessness, and anger. My husband and I will go to our pow-wows and give Native American married couples the holy wine and teach Divine Principle. We want to drive a mobile trailer right on to the reservations and pow-wows. We must reach all people.

Thank you for caring for all of us, all races, creeds, and religions. God has allowed you to have the empowerment, love and wisdom.

Father and Mother, God told me who you are. I prayed and He revealed it. We always pray for you and your universal family. We thank God for you. We have shared our vision with Rev. Dong Woo Kim, Pastor Bruce Grodner, ACLC. We are thankful for the love of Pastor Hirofumi Sakamoto, and Pastor Compton.

Please pray for us and help us in the 500 nation-Native American mission. This trip has brought Jews, Christians, and Muslims to unity and restoration. Through Archbishop Stallings' repentance speech to all present at the conference, the spirit of love fell up us and all were very emotional and hugged and cried together. We can say Shalom.

The holy wine has restored and healed many couples. A righteous lineage will result.

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