Unification News for June 2003

Region 3 "God and Ideal Society Breakfast"

by Rev. Barry Geller

Thirty guests gathered at the Robert Treat Hotel, Irvington NJ, on Saturday, June 7th, for a breakfast addressing the importance of Godís inclusion in civic and political life. Among the 30 leaders assembled were the Deputy Mayor of West Orange, City Councilmen from Irvington and Orange and a representative of the Mayor of Irvington.

They all stayed for the entire 4 hour program, entitled "Rev. Moonís thought on God and the Ideal Society". Rev. Phillip Schanker presented 2 very thorough and focused lectures summarizing Creation, Fall and Restoration. He paid special attention to the motivation and results of the Fall and to human responsibility for Restoration. In addition to the politicians, pastors and Imamís from Newark, Paterson, Orange, and other towns gathered for this event.

Our efforts were directed toward helping the people understand that the misuse of love is the cause of human suffering and to inspire them to action. Dr. V. commented that "All civic leaders should learn these ideas and participate in seminars on God and the Ideal Society. It is essential for public life to study these presentations." One political leader invited us to offer these presentations to other leaders in his town. Pastors were inspired by the Biblical focus of the presentations.

As the Providence develops with International Leaders, we plan to hold more "God and Ideal Society" events, and to include more political leaders in our programs. Rev. John Hong, our Regional Leader, expressed his desire to unite with True Parents heart for America and the International Work. We look forward to more member participation in outreach events, as we expand into other areas of society, not only to religious leaders.

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