Unification News for June 2003

Chicago ACLC May Prayer Breakfast on

Around 100 Pastors gathered at Rev. Franklin Morris' church for our monthly prayer breakfast on May 27, 2003. Everyone was very inspired by the testimonies of the people who were able to go to Rome and Israel.

Dr. A. Harold White, Bennie Owens, Rev. Joseph McCaffee, and Rev. T.L. Barrett all shared how they have a new meaning to what they preach about in their church from their experience in Rome and Israel.

Rev. T.L. Barrett shared how he never had an experience as meaningful as this one with our Movement, he said that he has been with us to many conferences and outings but nothing as profound as this. Those pastors who attended mentioned many times how this had a lasting impact on their life.

Everyone was very inspired by the testimonies even one new pastor came and offered his church for next month's meeting.

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