Unification News for June 2003

Leadership Education And Development Seminar

by Pablo and Dr. Ann I.

The LEAD Seminar is an interfaith program designed to offer academic, practical, and spiritual tools to develop the character of leadership. The three themes of Integrity, Setting and Achieving Meaningful Goals, and Taking Initiative are the focus of this Seminar. Participants will spend time learning and practicing elements of these themes that are necessary for effective leadership. Seminar activities include: team building, spiritual readings and discussion, mind and body exercise, and academic investigation of the seminar themes.

Seminar participants will be afforded opportunities to enhance their understanding of integrity, set meaningful personal goals and implement a plan for taking initiative for their individual development.

The LEAD Seminar is designed for those who desire to develop their leadership skills and have a commitment to practice them. The seminar is open to high school boys and girls (entering grades 10 -12). Participants who have demonstrated a commitment to accomplishing goals will especially benefit from this seminar.

The seminar will be held at Camp Sunrise in Harriman State Park, NY from August 3rd through 10th. Interested high school boys and girls may submit an application for participation in this program. To request an application, e-mail: Dr. I. at {paijbmg@optonline.net}or write to: LEAD Seminar, Dr. Ann I., Director, 348 Park Ave Bridgeport, CT 06604. Cost to attend the 7 day seminar is $350

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