Unification News for May 2003

STF Workshop in Colorado

by Larry Krishnek

Estes Park, Colorado, stands as the gateway to the Rocky Mountain National Forest. It has also become an important stop for STF members, on their way to completing this first leg of the formula course, as well as the members of the ILTP (World CARP's International Leadership Training Program).

The YMCA of the Rockies has become almost a hometown for the STF. Three times a year everyone meets together to share testimonies of growth and victory as well as receive inspirational guidance and education. We talk a lot, eat a lot, play a lot, recommit, reorganize and then head out for new challenges. This year the workshop began on Easter Sunday, April 20th and concluded on the 24th.

Mr. Ittetsu Aoki, STF Director, and his staff invest their whole hearts in planning and making preparations for every workshop, but our experience has been that Heavenly Father always has more to give us than we expect.

This time God sent us our Continental Leader, Dr. Yang; FFWP President, Rev. Jenkins; Jin Man Kwak, VP of World CARP; Mrs. Alexa Ward, President of WFWP; Rev. Phillip Schankar, Jin Soo Kim, International 2nd Generation Director; In Soo Kim, National 2nd Generation Director; Rev. Hun Suk Lee, Seattle Regional Director, and Rev. Park, the Rocky Mountain Regional leader, and there were many parents present for a few of those days.

The workshop opened with 2 days of Rev. Phillips Schanker's Divine Principle lectures. As always everyone received so much understanding and inspiration from his heartistic delivery.

Rev. Jenkins arrived on the afternoon of the 21st and had only a few hours to be with us but made a powerful impact in the short time he had. He received a traditional STF greeting; jumping and shouting, whooping and hollering - a good compliment to his energetic and creative Unification/Baptist preaching style. He encouraged us in our witnessing outreach by sharing his testimony of the beginnings of his spiritual journey. He had been a dental student at Ohio State University. He prayed to God one night asking that he not miss the second coming. Then be told God, "If you need me, you can count on me." The very next day he met his spiritual mother. He implored us to be like her; never give up, keep calling; God will work.

The next day Dr. Yang was with us. An historical meeting took place between Dr. Yang and all the leaders present discussing important matters of 2nd generation education. Later he met with the STF participants and presented his exciting analysis of the providence with Christian Ministers which helped the STF members understand the providential work that their parent's are involved in. Dr. Yang also shared his moving personal testimony.

Another highlight of our workshop was the heartistic and insightful talk presented by Jin Man Kwak, representing Hyun Jin Nim. Jin Man conveyed the hope and expectation of HJN for the second generation.

The theme of this workshop was The Formula Course and I. Rev. Joshua Cotter presented an overview of the 7 year formula course for second generation and the Core Values' lecture. Hyun Jin Nim has outlined a 7 year course which includes two years of STF training or public mission in their home country, 4 years of college with active involvement in CARP and 1 year of foreign mission work.

Colorado provided us with an exciting array of spring weather; thunderstorms, heavy snow falls, sunshine, a little rain and some hail. This added to the adventure element of the outing day especially for those who opted to hike in the snow. Others participated in sports or in some cases spent time with their parents. The evening entertainment was MC'd by Mrs. Cynthia Hiromitsu and STF 2nd year member Vincent Aparo. It included a diverse and international mix of music, skits and other performance with participants from Japan, Korea, Europe, Mongolia, Taiwan, the Philippines, Russia and lots of other places as well as the USA.

Each of three evenings were dedicated to 3 hours of testimony which allowed for dozens of brothers and sisters to share a part of their experiences of transformation and meeting with God. The workshop was truly both an inspirational time as well as a great time for all involved.

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