Unification News for May 2003

True Parents Welcome the ACLC Pilgrims

Sun Myung Moon
Rev. Michael Jenkins, translation by Rev. John Hong

When we arrived, May 20, 2003 at East Garden, Rev. Eu of Japan was giving a report, this was followed by Dr. Seuk concerning Russia and Mr. Pak concerning the unification of the Fatherland -- including the development of the automotive company. We gave Father a report via a slide show.

Father and Mother sat on the floor of the main room. Dr. Yang first read Father's prayers and Hoon Dok from May 4th and May 10th which were all connected to the restoration of the first, second and third Israel. Father is very strong now. 100% recovery ! (He is almost back to his original weight.) Hoon Dok lasted for five hours. Then he had breakfast with the clergy and several of our leaders. He addressed us.

True Fatherís Address

The clergy have come back from Israel. They had a very historic mission. They must embrace the first Israel. This it the formula. The Second Israel must help the first and third Israel. This is why Father sent the clergy on this mission. The First Israel and Second Israel failed in their appointed hour to receive the Lord. To restore that, True Father was sent by God from the third Israel to the second Israel in the reverse order according to the law of indemnity. God sent Father to America to save the second Israel. Once Father secured the Second Israel then he could now go back to save the First Israel. Now to the clergy I give the following instructions:

1. You must embrace the first Israel, win their hearts and then solve the problem of the struggle in the Middle East, in particular solve the problem of the struggle between the Palestinians and Jews.

2. You must bring this solution before the key American leaders to show how God is working through True Parents.

3. Upon this foundation you must influence the Second Israel of America to help unify North and South Korea.

Things are going forward according to a providential time table. Father went into a very deep period of struggle and indemnity on March 15th. He battled intensely in the spirit world to overcome the final problems of the world. No one knows what Father went through. It was an historic battle in heaven and on earth. Now Father has emerged stronger and more powerful than before. On March 15th Father started the indemnity course then on May 15th the clergy entered Jerusalem on their historic mission and on August 15th we celebrate the official establishment of Korea in 1948. These are all connected.

In 1945 everything was ready to connect to True Father. But the John the Baptists failed. Maria Pak who was head of Ehwa Women's University was in a most important position. She failed and went against Father. Father was ready to proclaim the DP and was 25 years old but because the prepared Christians failed everything was lost. God had set up everything at that time to allow Father to be received by Christianity and then to be connected with the American government (via the U.S. military in Korea after WWII) and then to have a triumphal journey to the modern day Rome of America. Unfortunately, because of the failure of the Christians that were prepared to meet Father, everything was lost. Father went into the 40 year wilderness course to pursue the path of restoration through indemnity. That's why these Christian leaders are extremely important. Their mission is most important. Please be serious as you listen to me.

This is a critical time. Many world level problems will come to America in the next six months. This next six months are most crucial. On March 15th Father went into struggle. America went into confusion and struggle. Now Father has emerged strong and is calling for a strong UN. (there is a gap here because my computer was being used to set up the powerpoint slides of our trip to Israel).

You must connect to the true Olive tree. Blessed Central Families must come to an international level of uniting with True Father. Then you can cut off of the wild olive tree and graft onto the true olive tree. We will follow the blessed couples tradition. Your blessed couple is Abel. All the Cain world must follow the blessed couples in Abel's role. You are Abel, what ever idea comes, youth groups, middle age, old age (which ever you feel called to work with), you can teach them about the blessing and through them go all the way to the top of the nation. g

The UN is very important. The UN must become God's heavenly hand. It is very difficult. Germany, France, Russia all were against the Iraq war. We must inform the top leaders of America concerning the value of the Blessing. We will lose everything if we don't. There is a great hurry to establish the UN and influence America. Look at the 16 different nations that supported the Korean war. Now the veterans, have children and grandchildren.

Father is studying about age. He studies the age of 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 120. With modern technology, it is possible to live to 120. Now we understand all the views of the spirit world. Now we catch the ideas of the spirit world. That way we can set up all the ideas of the kingdom of heaven. Until 2012 Father must accomplish everything in the providence of God. Restoration through indemnity is the way to go. What Father teaches is that during Jesus time he was rejected. We must restore this failure. Christianity must restore this together with the Jewish family. That was the importance of the mission the clergy just made to Israel. We must teach the Jewish family how to love and save the Moslem family. We must recognize Jesus as a True Parent. True Parents came here to unite and lift up Jesus. You blessed couples stand in the position of the owner of Cheon Il Guk. What you did here on earth, you will go over the spirit world. Heavenly Father will watch what you are doing here on earth. Like a bright shiny light you can go over to the Kingdom of Heaven.

After 9/11. America became so complicated. But the issues are the same. Christianity, Islam and Judaism must unite. We can also consider South Korea, North Korea and United States and North Korea. How did you go to Israel. Just go there and proclaim Jesus. No you had to take down your crosses and repent and then go and embrace Israel. That is why this succeeded. Without taking down your crosses you would have been utterly and completely rejected. We have to understand this and how serious this mission is. We have to understand how much the suffering of the world was linked to the rejection of Jesus. To restore this is most important.

Look at Christianity in America, how many denominations are here. Our blessed couples responsibility is to bring everything into oneness. Christianity is sleepy, how will you wake them up. If you sleep how will they wake up! Father gave the Cheon Il Guk award to Blessed Couples. His original idea was that they should have witnessed to 120 blessed couples. But only a small number of couples had achieved this. Father was very disappointed. We should consider seriously how important it is to take the cross down. We can recognize Jesus and recognize that Jesus is the King of the Family. That way we establish the parents, the teacher and the owner. How to bring unity of the first, second and third Israel. I'm going to invest 100% from this point to save Israel. All America must wake up to follow this idea. Please put in your heart this idea. You Christian leaders must unify all of Christianity. You can fulfill. You can achieve 80% or 90%. The last 10 or 20 % will be very difficult. That way we can connect the total conclusion. We can bring natural surrender through religion. Finally you can bring unity. If there is no elevator use a ladder. This is incredible and crucial for God's providence. God knows that you are going the right way. God will help you and guide you. You, latter on will work in the spiritual world in your field. Don't hide and stay away from Father Moon. Go forward. God will come down to you. I can surely establish and save this country together with Israel.

You should know what Father's ideas are. Father fulfilled Adam's role. Satan abused Father until today. That's why even now Satan recognized and followed. Now he cannot give a hard time to Father Moon any more. If you unite with Father Moon the same kind of miracle will happen. As you come back here today. You are coming back beyond your denomination and then from this day receive the heart that you will save America. Let's do this. We must work for God's Kingdom. We can truly be setting up God's foundation here. If we don't put in our total heart we will be attacked by Satan.

We must use the media. If 70% of the people of America understand the DP then the course could be greatly shortened. This is the 34th year that Father worked in America.

You can unite with all those ministers and give them serious education. You must understand Peter and Paul. Paul is saying my mistakes prolonged Christianities' problems. If Maria Pak had accepted Father then everything would have gone the right way. Father gave direction to the Japanese missionaries. You must make the determination to bring the total victory before heaven and earth.

Father has explained how we are going to do now. How can we save Israel? Only through the help of Christianity centering on True Parents. That's why Father is sending two missionaries to each one of your churches. They represent Rachel and Leah. If you diligently work hard you will receive True Parents heart and love. If you hesitate you will fail. If you endure until the end you will receive blessing. That way you receive inheritance from heaven. First Israel, the whole world and all races connect there. How can we connect to the Elder son nation. If you don't understand you will not move forward.

In Korea, Father formed a women's movement to educate the people. Father organized over 30 top women leaders who can educate and stand on the front line. Women can lead the way for reconciliation and harmony. There is no time to connect. I'm thinking about how to mobilize these women. True Mother is the top elder of all the women of the world. Mother, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Grandmother. Five ways to work to say humanity. Through these five groups of women we can save humanity.

Five different ideas can connect into one. Five different ways to connect. How to connect to the most important things. This is crucial.

Father expressed in English, how sad it is that Jesus was rejected. Jesus was to become the center of True love. The Second Coming is dealing with ownership. We must become owners of the Kingdom of Heaven. How can we connect True Love. Through the blessing and the family. True Parents are to combine God and man into oneness with True Love. Push upward and keep going toward True love.


Pastor Barrett and Bishop Stallings and Imam Salahudin then gave brief reports. Then Bishop Stallings, Pastor Barrett and Dr. Andrew Wilson representing the first and second Israel gave Father and Mother a gift of a silver sculpture of Jerusalem in the shape of the whole world. Then Pastor Barrett gave Father a stone from Gethsemane (prepared by the Israeli family), Bishop Stallings gave the stone prepared for True Mother in the spot where Jesus prayed (as identified by True Father on his last visit to Israel.).

Father and Mother then signed the original Jerusalem Declaration that was signed by the Rabbis, 132 Christian leaders and the participants of the historic May 18th. Father wrote on the declaration "Victory Israel" by his signature.

Special Thanks And Prayers for Rev. Gi (Continental Director), Rev. Abe and Rev. Hod (FFWPU Pres. Israel). They laid the whole foundation and had the heart felt relationships with the people that would cause them to come past the bus bombing to get to the conference.      

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