Unification News for May 2003

Encounter of Reconciliation

Olfat El Mallakh

Here is a beautiful poem from one of the participants on the pilgrimage to Rome and Israel

Reflections on the Encounter of Reconciliation
at the bosom of Abraham the Patriarch of our Nation
I embrace our kin-ness
I cherish our difference
celebrating a reconciliation overdue by generations.

Today with you, I bury my anger, my frustrations. No negotiation!
On the cross, my Lordís arms are reaching out to the world.
This is my solemnization.
Simply the symbol of my salvation.
My banner, my recommendation.

Death becomes weaker: Insignificant.
For I follow Jesus the Christ, the Magnificent
To the empyrean inn.
I march, glorified in his name!
I sympathize your pain;

Deeply agonizing my own
And only when together
We are able to tear down the barriers of stone.
And to peace we atone.
At the bosom of our own.

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