Unification News for May 2003

In Memoriam Ray Bratcher

Gwenn Bair

Monday May 5, 2003, our brother Ray Bratcher passed without warning into the spirit world of an apparent heart attack. He was at home in Cincinnnati at the time. His wife is Miriam is from Brazil, and they have a son about 10 years old named Nathan.

Ray was born in Germany (his full name is Rainer Bratcher) and has lived many years in America. He was a Saeilo machinery representative for several years, and recently worked for another company.

Ray is known for his warm, upbeat, positive good nature and his strong love and admiration for his wife and son. His family is an exemplary family devoted to True Parents and God's providence. He was very pleased about the recent developments in the ministers providence.

He was so excited when he reported how certain ministers "really get it! There are some who really understand Father's vision!"

His wife said that this last period of his life in Cincinnati was a time when he was the happiest he has ever been. During this period his wife said he dedicated himself to supporting and working with the Christian ministers. The Seung Hwa ceremony too place Thursday May 8 at noon in Cincinnati.

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