Unification News for May 2003

Cross to Crown Service Pasadena

by Mark Tengan

God is desperate to reach out to churches as much as He can. In Southern California, we have many, many English speaking churches as well as hundreds of Spanish churches.

This is the Testimony that our desperate prayer can become a link to Heavenly Father to guide us. One of our Spanish sisters, Mrs. Nancy Makowski was praying constantly that somehow she could find the way to take care Spanish churches. At the same time in Pasadena HQ, our missionary Mrs. Junko Hiroshima was also praying about this same point.

One day we were driving, and somehow I felt that I needed to call Nancy regarding one particular Spanish minister, and then she and her husband started to tell me that there was a church, which was ready to take down the Cross!

Pastor Jose Rodriguez didn't believe in worship in Image. (Especially cross). So at last Friday night's "Trade the Cross for Crown" service, he really preached strongly, from his conviction and his heart. Most of our attending Family Church members can't speak Spanish, but we truly felt Pastor Rodriquez' sincere heart to attend Jesus.

In closing, Pastor Rodriguez asked all different nationalities to come up, and offer prayer.

English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, German?ceach of our Brother and Sister's offering Prayer. It was like the Pentecost was happening!! We were truly worshiping Him in Spirit and Truth. We hope that this Spanish service can be a break though for many other Spanish churches to follow.

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