Unification News for May 2003

Norfolk Take Down the Cross Seminar

by Clair Daugherty

On April 19.2003 Norfolk Virginia held its Ministers seminar to explain the new providence to trade the cross for a crown. Fifteen clergy were in attendance and nine FFWPU members.

Some of the guests were at their first FFWPU sponsored event and had decided to attend due to the encouragement and enthusiasm of their colleagues who had been inspired by some of our other events.

Some guests had come from the Hampton Roads area and others from as far as Richmond. As the guests were arriving there was an atmosphere of anticipation and fellowship as we enjoyed coffee and meeting new friends.

Bishop Proctor took a public role for the first time after attending a number of our events. He did an excellent job as the MC.

Reverend Levy Daugherty was our keynote speaker and gave a fiery and animated presentation that drew an enthusiastic response from the participants. Many of the points he made were reiterated by the national level speakers in the video presentation. Carefully researched scriptural references were offered to clarify the sometimes new viewpoints that were being presented. The audience was stimulated and very receptive to the message.

Bishop Anthony Moses presented an eloquent and well researched paper on the history of the cross with a strong argument why it is no longer an appropriate symbol for Christians. The suffering heart of Jesus was conveyed as well as God's grief to see this tragic event commemorated with such a gruesome reminder.

The victorious resurrection and the symbol of the crown of glory was offered as a more timely symbol for those who would truly bear their cross within.

After the final presentation a lively time of sharing and fellowship was enjoyed by all over lunch.

Sunday evening Norfolk Family Church joined with the New Discipleship Church of Bishop Moses for an Easter evening service. There were 40 in attendance.

[Video: Easter Sunday Service]

Again Reverend Daugherty gave a rousing presentation often using humor to make his point. The atmosphere was joyful and charged. After his sermon he crowned Bishop Moses and Mrs. Moses with gold colored jeweled crowns as a symbolic act to represent the end of the era of the cross and the beginning of the era of the crown. The "King and Queen" of New Discipleship church began to dance and the entire church joined in creating an atmosphere of celebration and festivity.

As the service concluded a celebration cake was shared to mark the occasion.

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