Unification News for May 2003

Cross to Crown Ceremony - LA

by Ms. Ryoko Ishimoto

This was the 12th Cross to Crown Ceremony held in our Region 21 and took place last Sunday afternoon, May 11th, at Rev. Hattley's House of Praise Church. Almost all of Rev. Hattley's church members made a real effort to attend this important and historical ceremony. One of his key congregation members had just recovered from a serious illness and attended this ceremony. They also had two visitors from out of state last Sunday, who attended. I really saw the spiritual world was mobilizing people.

Both Pastor Hattley and his wife attended the 4 day West Block DP Seminar in March and also the 1 day DP Seminar in April. They signed the "Taking Down the Cross" resolution that day. They really agree with the purpose of this ceremony. Especially, the heart of Jesus we focus on. They really believe that all of us have Jesus' cross in our hearts.

There was a big cross in the front of their church. One of their congregation brothers took the cross from the front and walked to the back of the church with it. At the same time, the wife walked up from the back of the church to the front with the crown. When they were crossing in the middle, it was truly an historical moment.

At the end of the ceremony, Pastor Hattley asked our Regional Director, Rev. Ku to say a few words. Rev. Ku's words were very strong, but warming, to make sure everyone understood the meaning of this ceremony. The whole church was very happy.

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