Unification News for May 2003

Take Down the Cross Ceremonies in Los Angeles

by Mrs. BillieAnn Sabo

From the two ceremonies we held on Good Friday, this multiplied very quickly to other ACLC pastors who had the determination to remove their crosses as well. Plus we invited other ACLC pastors to join the original two ceremonies on Good Friday which took place at Rev. Brigg's church, Christian Light MBC, in the morning, then Rev. Taylor's church, Opportunity Baptist Church, in the evening. For Easter Sunday, we already had scheduled a ceremony in the morning at Rev. George Gatson's church, Trinity MBC in Altadena, then in the afternoon at Rev. Walter Millsap's church, Sadoc Christian Church in Compton. Both were very nice ceremonies.

One of our most newly enthusiastic and inspired pastors is Rev. William Jarvis Johnson, pastor of Calvary CME in Pasadena and also the son of National Speaker, Rev. C. Phillip Johnson. Suddenly on Saturday night (the night before Easter), Rev. W.J. Johnson called us and wanted to take down the cross the next morning, Easter. Already we had two ceremonies scheduled, but we sent a small staff to his church. We scrambled to prepare flowers and a photographer, an extra crown, crown pins, framed crown photo and necessary materials and off our team went. The ceremony in his church was wonderful!!! Rev. Johnson has changed so much. He attended our April 11th One Day DP Seminar and his whole spirit changed from that day. Even his face looked different after listening to Rev. Jenkins and AB Stallings, our two keynote speakers on the 11th. Not only did Rev. & Mrs. Johnson have all their deacons, elders & assistants at the ceremony, they had their whole congregation!! Rev. Johnson looked glorious in his white satin robe, tied at the waist. Looked just like a holy robe!

When he received the crown, he immediately placed it on his head and left it on throughout the entire service, even while giving his message! He looked very regal!! His message was very good and he talked about now is the end of the cross which means the end of Jesus' suffering and how Jesus is now crowned and elevated. All congregation members were given a palm cross when they entered and Rev. Johnson replaced each one with a crown pin. When he held his bible study last week, he admonished many congregation that were not wearing their crown pins. He told them they must wear these at all times!!!

Recently, we held a ceremony for Bishop & Mrs. Alfred Moore, pastor of the Greater All Nation Pentacost Church in Los Angeles. He is very inspired and is quite on board with us. We have now finished 6 churches and have at least one more signed up for this coming weekend. Our determination is to meet with all Los Angeles ACLC pastors, especially those that attended the 4 day DP seminar in March and the 1 day DP seminar in April to schedule their ceremonies. The word is multiplying quickly.

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