Unification News for May 2003

Cross to Crown Ceremony - Los Angeles

by Rev. Hazel M. Williams

This was our 11th Ceremony on May 11th, 2003 and it took place in the City of Fontana which is quite a distance from Los Angeles. It is a small city, but one of our Blessed Families live there - Steve & Mie Woolery.

We had several occasions to contact ministers who live such a long distance away. This time God knew the appointed time! The number "210" freeway which runs alongside Pasadena HQ extends just far enough out to this small city of Fontana. It was as if God was reaching out to this city!

Because of that, Mie-san was successful to be able to bring Pastor Williams to our One-Day DP Seminar in April, in which the dynamic duo (Rev. Jenkins and Archbishop Stallings) were preaching regarding "Taking Down the Cross".

Rev. Williams was really inspired and determined to take the cross down from her church. Even though there was a small opposition, she and her core staff (including her own son who is the Co-Pastor) were united with us, and we had an incredible service.

The more we hold the Trade the Cross to Crown Ceremonies, the more we get the momentum going! The direction that True Parents have given us is True -- we just need to do it and feel this spiritual revolution already happening in this Elder Son nation. It is obvious that different denominations and racial churches can come together when they follow God's direction.

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