Unification News for May 2003

Cross to Crown Service in LA

by Minister Mark Tengan

We held our 9th Cross to Crown ceremony last Wednesday night at the House of the Redeemed Church, pastor Bishop Darren Wilson. It's a small church, but the spirit is bigger and more enthusiastic than most large churches. Bishop Wilson is a member of ACLC and very positive. Even though we didn't contact him for a long time, he didn't hesitate to welcome us and to listen to us. He agreed with all points to trade the cross for a crown.

Bishop Wilson is a young pastor who is really energetic and open to new messages from God. At the Trading Cross to Crown Service, we saw great unity among Bishop Wilson's couple. Mrs. Wilson was really supportive as was his entire congregation. Therefore, the spiritual atmosphere became so high and quite excellent.

In the beginning of the ceremony, we had difficulty singing a hymn together but that was the step we needed to take for the interracial and interdenominational movement to take place and become one accord.

Bishop Wilson literally took down the cross from the wall and replaced it with our beautiful framed 11 x 14 color photo of the crown. This meant he truly understood the meaning and through that, he made a determined effort to educate his congregation during this service. Thank you God and True Parents.

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