Unification News for May 2003

CARP Spreads Night of Peace in Taiwan

To greet the beginning of the new term, every school starts their ministry of witnessing in every campus. W-CARP Taiwan also held the special outreach event, "Night of Peace", which combined communication and witnessing. By the 11th Mr. & Miss University made a circuit of famous college schools, promoted the idea of Service for Peace to spread out the public welfare activity in the campus.

This is a pioneering event! By Mr. & Miss University entering the campus to propaganda the idea and activities of SFP, by them to lead and host, done and adjusted to match up the need of every CARP Centers. The scope of every event was about 100 participants. The circuit had 5 college schools. Every CARP Centers also utilized this event to invite new guests, service organizations, teachers and professors to participate. Chinese Culture University invited teachers of Section of Extracurricular Activities.

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology also invited the Principal and OSA Dean to attend and also give our event a high appraisal.

At the beginning of the event, played the short film of the Mr. & Miss University Beauty Pageant. Then, their performance and the introduction about the idea of MMU, and the introduction of CARP's idea and vision through the way of RAP that was created by themselves.

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