Unification News for May 2003

Self-Help CARP Scholarship, Philippines

by Melchor S. Castro

The World CARP- Philippines and Philippine Teachers’ Association for the Research of Principles (PTARP) joined their efforts together to take the lead in the mobilization of graduating high school students in promoting the Self-Help Scholarship Program to the different schools around National Capital Region and in the nearby provinces.

Since February 2003, hundreds of teachers and young students have attended series of lectures in their campuses on the introduction of CARP and PTARP Programs. After the introductory seminar in the campus, they were invited to attend advance Seminar at the WCARP Headquarters and Antipolo I Training Center for 1-Day and 2- Day Seminar to understand deeply the visions, principles and ideals of CARP and PTARP.

Mr. Michael G. Zablan, President of World CARP Philippines, encouraged the students to apply for a Self-Help Scholarship Program especially those who could not afford to enter college. It is their opportunity to develop their potentials in leadership and become financially independent from their parents. In order to avail of this program, students are requested to attend series of workshop seminar for 1-day, 2-day, and 4-day until 21-day during summer break for their preparation next school year in college. The topics are based on Principles of CARP, AIDS Awareness, Pure Love Education and others.

During school days, students can stay in the different CARP Centers in the Region near the school to continue their training and studies. In this way, students can become more responsible and dedicated to pursue their studies with deeper commitment and determination to fulfill their goals in life.

Many schools have already opened their door to welcome our programs and activities. Some school principals wanted to adopt "Moral and Ethical Values for the Youth" a secondary textbook based on the Unification Principle for a pilot project of Values Education.

This mobilization will not be possible without the support of our untiring PTARP President, Dr. Felipe B. Cachola, Mr. Edmon Pacson, WCARP Phils. Executive Director for Education and Mr. Edgar Tanate, Vice-President for Administration, UTS-Phils. and the supporting staff.

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