Unification News for May 2003

Getting Moving in Congo, Africa

Do you know that we have a World CARP club growing in the Congo? The DR Congo has 10 provinces plus the capital Kinshasa. Since the beginning of the war in 1998, 5 of them are under the control of the warriors and just 5 others with Kinshasa are under the government’s control. So we are directly in touch with the 5 concerned by the government and we are trying to organize them. The provinces that are not directly concerned by the government are indirectly in touch with us.

Martial Arts have always been an important part of our CARP activities in this part of Africa. In 1990, Mr. Jun Flores, a member of W-CARP Philippines, came to teach Won Hwa do Martial Arts Philosophy and Techniques. Since that time, many World CARP members have been concerned about and joined the club for and it has interested many young people. In October 2001, Mr. Kadima Jean Pierre, the W-CARP Congo president, explained the necessity and the importance for CARP to continue to lead in martial arts and workshops were held attended by many athletes. Among 32 who attended the regional seminar in Brazzaville, Congo, 23 of them came from DR Congo and the others represent others martial arts or disciplines like Shotokan, Judo etc.

More recently, three members attended the ‘Youth National Forum’ held by the Youth Ministry and the Youth National Council on the theme ‘Youth’s role for the development of the Nation’ (10 . 14 February 2003) Mr. Olivier Buangi, Secretary General, met the athletes of Tong Il Moo Do after their continental seminar in Brazzaville and explained them about the World CARP view of Martial Arts and their link with True Families Values

In DR Congo, just 2 towns are the centerpieces of TMD activities. So, 60 athletes are interested about TMD philosophy and Techniques and are core members of the club. In Matadi in Bas-Congo province there are 20 athletes directed by Master Kumbi Prospere. And in Kinshasa, we have 40 athletes who are directed by Master Alain Imbu.

If you would like to support the chapter in DR Congo, or any other of our smaller chapters please write to Koichi Nohara at nohara@worldcarp.org.

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