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Camp Sunrise Open-Air Cabin Program

Looking for a nice, cool place to spend this summer? Here's one for you! This summer (2003), Camp Sunrise begins its Open-Air Cabin Program with the initial offering of a single open-air cabin for rent, Cabin 42. Cabin 42 accommodates up to six campers and is available for advanced-rental for the 2003 summer season at a very attractive pre-season rate. This offer is on a per-month basis for the months June, July, August, and September. Since only one cabin is presently part of the program, we can only offer one month slots on a first come, first serve basis. If you are interested, please contact the camp director, Deborah Grodner, as soon as possible to receive an application. In following years, additional open-air cabins will be made available to families, relatives, friends, and/or associates. A description of Cabin 42, associated camp facilities, program features, costs, and how to apply follows.

Cabin 42 And Facilities

Cabin 42 is located on a wooded hill in the Southwest section of the camp. It is a short walk from the dining hall, fishing and boat dock, and swimming area. The cabin is called an open air-cabin because the entire building is surrounded by newly installed screens, which allows air to freely move in and through the structure. Also, in the manner of traditional of camp cabins, there is no insulation.

The cabin exterior is made of chestnut with an asphalt-tiled roof. The interior of the cabin is a single open space, 18 feet x 18 feet. The cabin is appointed with decorative curtains, table, lamp, love seat, dresser, mirror, a locker for storage of equipment, toys, and valuables, two wooden bunk beds and two iron single beds, all furnished with thin plastic covered mattresses.

There are two overhead lights and electrical outlets on three of the four sides of the room and a required fire exit built into the back wall. Note: Bedding (sheets, blankets, sleeping bags, pillows, etc.) and toilet supplies (towels, washcloths, toiletries, etc.) are supplied by the cabin occupants.

Bathrooms. Campers use a public, open air, gender-separated bathroom facility consisting of newly installed flush toilets and hot water showers. Dining. Campers have a choice of participating in a Camp Sunrise Meal Plan or to bring or buy food in town. The large outdoor dining hall seats 200 persons. At the dining hall, campers can use a microwave and commercial toaster, collect fresh well water for drinking and purchase food snacks and can sodas. Laundry. Campers may wash and dry their clothes according to a daily schedule of availability in laundry facilities outfitted with commercial washing machines and dryers. Parking. A reserved parking-space is assigned for one Cabin 42 vehicle.

Program Features And Guidelines

The Open-Air Cabin Program offers a low cost, Ideal way to get away from the hubbub of daily living and to enjoy spouse, family, relatives and friends in a truly scenic, natural environment. Upon arrival, the Director of the Open-Air Cabin Program for 2003, Pablo Iparraguirre, will assist families and guests to settle in and will provide a brief tour of the facilities and campgrounds and outline the general rules for proper use.

The camp also has a video library and upon request big screen TV showings of selected movies are made. Cabin 42 is provided with a basketball, volleyball, ping pong balls and paddles, and six bamboo fishing poles and tackle. Cabin occupants are responsible for the use and care of this equipment in addition to any equipment brought to the camp.

Activities. Hiking, basketball, volleyball, ping pong, tennis, bike riding, fishing, and tent camping are readily available and can be engaged in whenever the facilities and equipment are available. Swimming and boating are available, but to engage in these strict safety requirements must be met and followed. There are designated areas and rules for making campfires and barbecues and because of State Park regulations and warnings, permission and guidance is needed when starting fires to ensure proper fire safety.

Special Activities and Programs. The Open-Air Cabin Program staff will assist in the design and support, within reason and resources, special program and activities desired by Cabin 42 occupants. Minicamps, theme camps, hiking excursions, meetings, etc. are possible. Discussion, design, and agreement must be reached prior to enactment. Call the Open-Air Program Director at 203-414-5410 to proceed.


The Cabin 42 Rental Price ranges from $1,000-$1,230.

Camp Sunrise
P.O. Box 31
Southfields, New York 10925
Tel.: 845-351-2766 (after May 15th)
Tel.: 914-966-3228 (until May 15th)
Fax: 914-966-3228 (until May 15th)
Email: deborah.grodner@verizon.net

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