Unification News for May 2003

ACLC Banquet in Boston

by Rev. Bismarck Bamfo

May 5, 2003 Dinner conference was one of the most successful monthly ACLC/TFVM conferences in recent time. Many of our core ACLC minister became fallen stars after the Cloud of Witness proclamation on September 18, 2003, True Mother's speaking tour. However, the wind of change, the revolution of heart and spirit igniting by the Divine Principle conferences across the nation is resurrecting our minister once again.

April 5, conference in Boston, April 14, conference in Providence, preparation toward the ceremony to remove the cross on April 18, in Worcester and Fall River and the 3 days North American Leaders conference in New York City left us with doubt about the prospect to success of May 5, Dinner conference. As a result we reserved only 40 seats for the evening. However, a total of 79 attended including 56 ministers and their wives. We indeed created a good trouble.

One of the ministers commented to me, "Don't worry about us, it is not your fault, it our fault because we were late." Extra tables and meals were ordered and some even did not eat. However, spiritually they were well fed and responded enthusiastically to Rev. Philip Schanker's presentation on the Mission of the Messiah leading to the necessity to remove the cross from the churches.

Rev. Wayne Gadie, Emmanuel Baptist church Medford and a good friend of Rev. Dr. C. Philip Johnson was the keynote speaker. He encouraged the minister present and Christianity in general to be broad minded to understand new ideas that will help to resolve our current crisis. He further emphasized the role of Father Moon as one anointed by God to do the mission of the messiah. "As Christians we also have all been anointed and commissioned by Jesus to do the mission of the messiah."

Most of them are gaining confidence in ACLC, the role of True Parents and the content of the Divine Principle. What is the proof? It quite simple! They don't come alone, as it used to be in the past. This time, they are coming with their wives and members of their congregation. In addition, they are taking responsibility to own their participation and membership by paying. What a change? It is happening.

Again our thanks go to God, True Parents, our Regional Director Rev. Kil Hwan Kim and brothers and sisters who worked tirelessly to bring these ministers to the conference. Thank you brothers and sister for your unchanging heart to do the will of heaven!

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