Unification News for May 2003

Pentecost in Atlanta

by Tom Cutts

We had a "Take Down the Cross" meeting at an Atlanta church on Wednesday, May 7th. It was amazing. Bishop Man Ho Kim, Bishop Murjan Rasheed, Rev. Jean B. Kasongo, and Rev. Tom Cutts visited the Bible Study of an ACLC minister.

The ACLC pastor testified about how she really struggled with the idea of taking down the cross when she first heard that Father Moon wanted us to go beyond the cross. For several years during her television program, she held a cross in her hand during the entire program. She always carried her cross to the hospital and when she touched people with it, they would be healed. In her church there was a large picture of her holding a cross. She couldn't understand why God would tell Rev. Moon one thing, and her another.

When she prayed about it, Heavenly Father told her He had given her the cross to hold onto as a symbol of her faith. It gave her something tangible. But her faith had matured now, and she didn't need the cross anymore. So, she took down the crosses in her home, in her church, and she no longer holds up the cross on her television program.

On Easter Sunday, she made cardboard crosses for each member of her congregation. Before handing in their crosses, each person used a red pen to write his burdens on his cross. The red ink symbolized the Blood of Jesus. Then they approached the altar and turned in their crosses.

During the Bible Study, the pastor shared that one day Rev. Cutts called her and left a message about ACLC on her answering machine. When she returned home, she saw that the call was from him, and felt, "Oh, I just wish ACLC would leave me alone." So she didn't return the call. But later that evening, when she was in prayer, God told her, "When you reject them, you reject me." She burst into tears, and repented deeply. She cried and cried.

At the end of the Bible Study, Bishop Kim gave an ACLC Crown lapel pin to the pastor, to her husband, to her younger sister who was attending the Bible Study, and to Bishop Rasheed.

Then we heard an amazing testimony from the pastor's sister. These two ladies come from a clergy family. Their father is a bishop, and all five of the children are pastors and have their own churches. When the younger sister heard the testimony about taking down the cross she got up and spoke. What she said shocked everyone. She testified that just last Sunday the Holy Spirit had told her to take down the cross. During her Sunday service, she even had a young man, who had entered the service with a large cross around his neck, take off the cross, take it out of the church and place it in his car before rejoining the service.

The next day after the Bible Study, the ACLC minister sent Rev. Cutts this email.

I truly enjoyed the visit by the ACLC leadership last night. I am still rejoicing in the Lord this morning. I am wearing my crown today and I am proud of it. I feel a change over my life since I laid my burdens down.

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