Unification News for May 2003

Celebrating True Parents Love and Lineage

by Rev. Michael Jenkins

As God's central religious people, the blessed central families, we must repent because truly God's kingdom will come more quickly and securely the more we truly fulfill True Parents' direction and become the true sons and daughters of True Parents. Our true purpose is to become the temple of God, true sons and daughters.

Father has been guiding us with strong direction from hoon dok hae every morning, that we must strike our bodies and push ourselves down. The key to becoming God's temple is that our mind and body must unite. Our religious life is always the central point of our heritage. I thank our regional directors for successfully leading us internally in the right direction, but we have to manifest that externally also. Internally America is uniting, coming together centering on True Parents, so one victory after another internally is being won. However, our internal victory has not been strong enough yet to take full dominion over the direction of the elder son nation. We must achieve that substantial Kingdom of God on earth.

Father has always emphasized three components of that victory -- we have to have the youth, women, and the religious leaders. On that foundation we can influence all the other sectors of humanity, including the political leaders.

STF and our CARP movement -- how important you are at this time. We must have young people. We must bring our second generation to a place where they really can stand as we are standing as blessed central families. Therefore we are preparing for the blessing. Many of you are matching your children, and it's not easy, as you know. Then we can realize what True Parents went through when Father took responsibility to match us, and to make sure that heaven and earth were lined up the moment he brought you and your spouse together. Now as you are struggling to match your children, you know the struggle. Our antenna is small, but Father's is perfectly synchronized with God. Father and Mother are one. Mother achieved that perfection and was honored by Father after her speaking tour in the year 2000. Incredible honor for True Mother.

Dr. Yang asked me to report on the situation of America and our position at this time, with emphasis on the education of religious leaders that is going on. But first I think we have to understand God's providence as the elder son nation. In 1945 to 1948, if you read the book "The Way of Unification," you can gain so much understanding about God's providence as it relates to the Fatherland. Our central direction right now is to secure the Fatherland, beyond all else. Our central purpose is to secure the sovereign nation of God.. God needs a nation. That's why we were encouraged by the report about the United Nations, that we're developing that kind of presence. That ambassadorial role should be there for God's sovereign nation, Cheon Il Guk. Yet we're still like the second Israel in a sense, still not solidly standing on the ground. We will not be fully standing on the ground until we have that sovereign nation.

That's why the 50-day workshop the leaders went through, our activity in Korea was an incredible internal condition to secure that nation. Also the 2400 that came from America, Japan and Korea, we have no idea the internal meaning of what Father is doing. But the more we study Father's history and words, we begin to understand that we must obey True Parents. That's so crucial.


More than anything else Father's words are affecting the clergy; we're using the "Christianity in Crisis" book with the clergy right now. The second thing is the Divine Principle itself. It is the code book that reveals the secrets behind the Bible. That's why we also, as the third Israel, must understand the code behind the providence. Back in the 1970s Father predicted that Islam and Christianity would be the final course of reconciliation after communism -- when no one could even imagine what came after communism. That's why we have to understand that Father understands God and His providence perfectly, from the origin of man through all of restoration until today.

When Father gives a direction, it's not a reaction to anything going on. Father is not reacting to things. We are going straight forward. If we understand the providence, we should be absolutely confident. The Kingdom of God is coming on the earth. It cannot be stopped. But the more our mind and body line up, and we understand how to horizontally unite as one family centering on True Parents, on the leaders of our organizations, then we can hasten the day of taking internal and external dominion.

We have the power to reconcile enemies. Our missionaries throughout this nation, touching Christians and Muslims through a course of relentless suffering, they go and go for years until finally the hearts of these religious leaders melt. That's why we see major leaders coming now. One of those people was Dr. E.V. Hill, who is definitely the most significant Christian in terms of prestige. All the major denominations viewed Dr. Hill as a true Christian. He was special adviser to President Nixon, President Reagan. He was a black Republican, and knew the current President Bush. That kind of person came. How did he come? From a Japanese sister visiting his church. At first she wasn't welcome. They almost kicked her out. But after a year of continuous missionary activity, loving and visiting, that kind of change came in Dr. Hill. Once he tasted True Parents' love then everything happened.

If we study the way of God's providence, we can understand. From 1945-1948, what was the key condition that determined whether or not Christianity and also the history of the Fatherland would go the right way? What was the key condition for Jesus to accomplish? God has prepared someone in every area that we're working in to be a John the Baptist. Our first course is to find that John the Baptist and win that person's heart.

The first course for Father was he was guided to Rev. Kim Baek Moon, a Christian leader who was prepared to be John the Baptist. He had revelations and put his hand upon Father's head and said, "The glory and power and honor of Solomon be upon you." He gave Father the same baptism that John the Baptist gave Jesus. He had three women disciples who represented the Old Testament, New Testament, and Completed Testament Ages. This is all contained in Father's speech, "History of the Unification Church -- Part I." Father revealed the secrets of what happened. Father could inherit the whole New Testament Age, just as Jesus inherited all of the history of Israel.

Remember when Joshua was going into Canaan and God knew that Moses could possibly fail. What did God do to give the Israelites an unchanging object of faith so they would not waver? He gave the Ark of the Covenant with the two tablets of stone inside. Because of that, if just one person believed in and upheld the Ark of the Covenant, all the history and conditions of the Old Testament would not be lost. They would be carried into Canaan. That's why when John the Baptist baptized Jesus, Jesus became the living Ark of the Covenant. He was the only one who kept faith all the way. That's why the whole New Testament was not lost but could be carried over.

Then when Father right there received the blessing of Kim Baek Moon, that's when he became the living Ark of the Covenant. Father was the only one. Those three women disciples representing the Old, New and Completed Testament Ages came to Father. They had revelations that they represented three Eves who had to go back to Adam, one for each age, and they united with Father to be his disciples. But Rev. Kim was in the position of the archangel and he became jealous and pulled them away. The providence failed there, but Father was the new Ark of the Covenant, so the New Testament was not lost.

The next John the Baptist was Ho Ho Bin, and we know that story too. Unfortunately she was not able to receive the Lord at that time. Then Rev. Won Pil Kim stood in and fulfilled John the Baptist's role. How grateful we should be to him. He and Father came down to Pusan together and planted the new seed for the rebirth of Christianity and the third Israel. But Father says in "The Way of Unification" that when those few Christian leaders failed, what happened? Then Father had to go a 40-year wilderness course, just as Moses went a 40-year course when the Israelites couldn't united with him. Father had to go a 40-year wilderness course.


Whenever I toured with Mother and she talked about Fathers' 40-year wilderness course, she began to cry immediately. We just don't know what that time meant, that Father had to go alone in the darkness, no support, no foundation, all of the Christian churches opposing. Do you remember in the early days of our movement that we weren't able to fellowship with Christian churches until 1983 on? They were almost like our enemies. Do you remember how you felt fund-raising when you'd see the symbol of the fish on a house, meaning the family were strong Christians? Many people felt, "I'm not even going to knock."

In the early 1970s did anyone experience Christians showing up with their Bibles at our events? I had just joined in Chicago and went on a missionary tour to Indiana. One night 20 Christians showed up with their Bibles, and the first thing they got upset about was, "Where's the cross? This isn't Christian. Jesus isn't here." We were in an enemy relationship. We couldn't relate. If you called on Jesus' name, they would feel you were talking about a different Jesus.

When that failure occurred, that wilderness course came. Father had to set conditions during the 40 years to re-indemnify every step of history from Adam and Eve all the way through Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Jesus, the martyrs, all the way through the New Testament Age. Father had to set some condition to reconnect and restore everything that was lost. That's why he was the living Ark. He carried all that history so it wasn't lost. But he also had to set conditions so that it could be revived.

In 1985 the 40-year course ended, and then there was a 7-year course up to 1992. When the 40 years was ending in late 1984, there was not enough indemnity. We did not fulfill our responsibility correctly, so then there were two enormous conditions of indemnity. One was that Heung Jin nim had to go into the spirit world, and second, Father had to go to Danbury prison in America.

Do we know our Father's heart? Are we carrying this kind of providential mind when we are asked to go through suffering and trial? If we do then we can bear any kind of suffering. That's why Father doesn't consider himself or True Family or anything. He understands, but it doesn't mean he goes without suffering and tears. All of True Parents' life is nothing but tears. The more we understand that, the more we can connect deeply.

After Father set the condition at Danbury, then Christianity revived. Christians came to the God and Freedom banquet. Jerry Falwell and others on the right, and Joe Lowery on the left of Christianity could unite, and then all the denominations of Christianity, thanks to the work of Dr. Durst and our headquarters at that time. They secured the amicus briefs from every denomination of Christianity, representing over 100 million Christians. The Presbyterian Church USA, the United Methodist Church, the Roman Catholic Church, every mainline body filed a brief stating that Father was innocent, that it was only a case of religious persecution. That set some condition. The thief on the right-hand side united with Father, and even called for his protection. They were not like the Israelites 2000 years ago when they called out, give us Barabbas. We were able to secure that Christian foundation at least to that degree.

Who's the thief on the left? The US government, which prosecuted Father. When the thief on the right-hand side united, that became a Christian-Unification sphere. Right after Father was sent to Danbury, 7,000 ministers went to Korea from 1985 to 1988 and expanded that foundation of victory that was laid through the amicus briefs. They visited the Rock of Tears, and many of those ministers are coming back now. It's startling what's going on.

When you plant seeds correctly, you never know when they're going to blossom. One minister who attended an clergy Divine Principle seminar in October returned again in March, a Bishop Craig from Alabama. His testimony shocked everybody. He was crying when he said, I believe that Rev. Moon is the Second Coming, he is the savior and I want to tell you why. I went to the Rock of Tears and Jesus gave me a revelation of who Rev. Moon was. I was afraid to tell anybody. I was afraid I'd lose my church so I denied it. Then I went back, and right afterwards I was in a horrific car accident and in a coma for almost a year.

He lost all vital signs and they proclaimed him dead. He was put in a body bag and was on the way to the morgue when he had a dream of True Parents. Somehow he knew if he could really believe and come out and testify that he would come back alive. He started moving while in the body bag and they pulled him out and he revived. Then he started working with Rev. Joshua Cotter in Alabama. We never knew this hidden story.

We don't know what's going on with the Muslim leaders who are connecting with True Parents. We don't know what's going on with the Christian leaders and the youth leaders and professors and academic people, what God is doing inside their hearts. That's why we have to go forward with confidence and keep holding onto them and testifying to the Lord. We have to keep pouring the seed of God's word into their hearts. The Divine Principle unlocks this.

On the foundation of 7,000 ministers going to Korea, Father could anoint the president in 1988. There was a period when we had direct relationship that was very good, but unfortunately we weren't able to maintain the unity with the Christian leaders and it broke down. They didn't understand Father's heart or his teaching, and we weren't mature enough to really teach them. We didn't understand the Bible deeply enough and God's words deeply enough ourselves. Therefore, it broke down. Thereafter, every time Father was with them there was tension. They were relating to him politically. That's why we must be careful now. Ambassadors fro Peace, Muslim leaders, ambassadors to Washington from different countries, Christian leaders -- we cannot allow them to think they can just be friends of Father. If they do, they'll lose their role. We have to educate them. They have to really know who Father is and we have to find the ones who are prepared.

We have to educate them or else they'll be lost. If we think we're helping them by keeping them away from True Parents' hot words and from Divine Principle, you end up losing them over time. Unfortunately the Christian foundation fell apart, but still True Parents carried the providence from 1985 to 1992, a 7-year indemnity course. In 1992 Mother restored the bride's position with the Women's Federation, and centering on her world tour women united. It was a risky and dangerous time because the world knew Father was the leading anti-communist, and seen as someone with enormous wealth. Mother was traveling with just a few people, no protection at all, going to Africa, Europe, Asia, proclaiming that Father is the True Parent of humanity and is the Messiah. She stood in Christianity's position as the bride.

Do you know our Mother really? Do you know that she had to restore every condition of woman in history? She had to carry the failures of all the providential women in history and overcome. That is why True Mother is also victorious before heaven and earth. On that foundation Father could gain Christianity again.


Then Father proclaimed in 1993 the Completed Testament era and we could walk that course until the time Father could conduct the Coronation Ceremony of God's Kingship. Before God could be honored as king, God had to have his objects throughout the world that would represent every race and culture. He had to have blessed families representing all humanity who would stand together with True Parents and lift Father up. But when Father sent out the angels to look at all the blessed families, what did he find? Father could not make an offering of our blessed families before heaven as a body that could lift up God as king.

Therefore, instead of just having the registration blessing where we were simply supposed to receive Father's second level, national level blessing we had to set the indemnity condition of once again drinking the holy wine, purifying the lineage. Father had to make sure that the foundation for lifting up God was on a pure, unstained blood lineage. Therefore, he had the second generation also drink the holy wine. On that foundation the women went through the 21-day registration course, and you received your hometown in Korea. Then Father had the foundation of blessed couples in order to do the Coronation Ceremony of God's Kingship. Then Father had a pure body that represented the world and said, amen, God is King.

You can see in the video when Father took God a little drink. I'll never forget that, the feeling that we all had when he lifted it up and you could see he was looking into the heart of God so sincerely. So Father proclaimed in his speech and in the three prayers that all of heaven and earth is upside down. Don't relate the old way of things from the wilderness era because now since the Coronation God has dominion and authority.

What else did we gain at that time? We gained the authority to pray in our name, and on that basis Father did the IIFWP conferences, which set the foundation for unity of Muslim, Christian and Jewish worlds. Also Father launched the 50-state tour, securing Christianity again. During that tour Father spiritually planted in the soil of each the coronation ceremony. Every morning he had us read the coronation for two to three hours and Father would give commentary. So the Coronation Ceremony for God's Kingship becomes a pillar in the dispensation.

The proclamations that Father makes are pillars for our blessed families to follow. You know how much the Declaration of Independence guides America. When Lincoln was trying to keep the nation from dividing, he called upon the Declaration of Independence. When Dr. Martin Luther King was calling upon this nation to remember that it was a nation for all people, he called upon the Declaration of Independence. That's why you have to understand that all these proclamations Father makes become pillars upon which the Kingdom of God can be established. All the spirit world can resonate with them. Therefore, we have to digest and become part of those pillars. We have to know his proclamations and his words.

After the 50-state tour Father had many conferences and rallies, and finally Cheon Il Guk could be proclaimed. 2001 was the first year of the Kingdom of God on earth. Then Mother did her tour around Korea, Japan, and America, focused on the Ambassadors for Peace. That's when Mother could expand Cheon Il Guk.

In 2002 Father's God's Day message launched a new era, that we are now citizens of the Kingdom of God on earth. Father also had Heung Jin nim's message from the spirit world read on January 1, 2002, which gave us an understanding that we must be cleansing ourselves. Now our ancestors are being blessed. Through that your own spiritual power and authority becomes enormous. Up to 70 generations have been liberated and many of those blessed. When you enter a room you come in with the myriads. The problems in your lineage are becoming untangled through those blessings.

Another major providence of 2002 was the four blessings in America, a crucial battleground for Christianity. On March 1, 2002 Father desperately woke up at 3:00 a.m. in Hawaii and received strong guidance that this was a total emergency and that if the 144,000 clergy blessing did not succeed, Christianity was in danger of being lost again. Therefore, Father mobilized the national messiahs worldwide, and mobilized all the missionaries to America with Mrs. Erikawa. Mrs. Erikawa is doing a great job with them. Those sisters suffered so much to gain Christianity. On that foundation the 144,000 blessing was secured.

Then it expanded to the 2nd generation Christian blessing, and the Muslim-Christian unity blessing in September, and then the December 7th blessing. After the foundation of the 7 million rally that Father held in June, declaring the True Parents of Heaven and Earth, then we as blessed families could also have our special rally, with the burning ceremony to burn up our past. Then on True Children's Day Father changed the pledge to say, "As owners of Cheon Il Guk."

Then Father called for the outstanding families to be lifted up, and every year Father will do some kind of special recognition because that was revealed in the Coronation Ceremony for God's Kingship, that every year we should have in every nation a way to honor the best families that sacrificed the most. The condition of going to Korea was part of that process. The 50-day workshop was the condition through which Father took all the leaders of the movement -- CARP, Family Federation -- and they were pulled into the holy land, the holy temple. For 50 days and nights we walked up and down the mountain.

On God's Day Father gave the direction for 2,400 Americans to come to Korea. When we first heard that number, nobody believed it was possible, but 2,400 came because of your faith. On that foundation we spread out throughout Korea. I don't know the meaning, but we do know that Father said that it protected Korea. If you remember, the specter of war in Korea raised its ugly head. You don't know how unstable the situation can be. It's not a simple matter. If a wrong move is made, some tragedy could occur.

The number one problem in Korea at that time was a strong feeling of anti-Americanism because of America's mistakes, trying to separate the elder son nation from the Fatherland. But then our members, representing America, went to every little community and it neutralized that antagonism. Suddenly the new president changed his direction. Now there is a better spirit of cooperation. Believe me, the internal sacrifice and condition that was made had enormous impact on the spirit world and on earth.

First the priests, the leaders had to go into 50 days of intensive indemnity. On that foundation Father could proclaim that all the blessed couples came as priests. The sisterhood ceremony with the Korean Ambassadors for Peace represented the political leaders, and the people we touched represented the tribes of Israel. Father and Mother were coronated on February 6th, True Parents birthday, as king of all blessed families. True Parents received the Cheon Il Guk blessing, the third level blessing, the final blessing of all humanity and all history.

Father stood on the foundation of the conditional blessing in 1960 because all the elements were not secure in terms of all races, all religions, all the conditions of unity, of foundation of substance. But on February 6th all the conditions were secured. Among the IIFWP conference participants in attendance there were world religious leaders, former heads of state, current heads of state. Everything was represented there.

Remember, God does not work by grabbing the whole. There are always certain representatives. If they make the right condition then everyone can be blessed. Therefore, God needed certain representatives. They were there on February 6th -- Christian, Muslim, Jew, Sikh, all the world religions were there. The blessed central families lifted up True Parents and they were blessed on the third, complete level. That's why Father, in front of all history and humanity could kiss Mother on the lips. That was a great moment. Remember the moment when they appeared in their wedding dress and tuxedo? Didn't your heart go out to them? Then we carried that spirit out throughout Korea with our Japanese and Korean members.

The next victory is that we have just completed four convocations for Christian clergy as part of Father's direction that 12,000 clergy be educated in Divine Principle. It's an absolute transformation of Christianity now. The key is that we obeyed Father's direction. If we don't obey Father's direction, we will not succeed.

The foundation I see happening now with Christianity is on the foundation of obeying Father's direction that we read the Clouds of Witnesses. After the July 3rd blessing Father announced that July 4th would be God's independence day because Heaven and Earth could proclaim True Parents are the Messiah. It was revealed in the Washington Times on July 4th and then we began the course to reveal it.

I remember that Father was leaving after the Service Peace rally in July last year and he walked by me and poked me in the stomach and said, "You have a heavy burden." I didn't understand. I said, "yes, Father." He knew something was coming. I had no idea what was about to occur.

ACLC Foundation

Then as we put the Clouds of Witnesses in papers around America, the whole ACLC foundation just completely exploded. Every minister stepped back. Our closest friends didn't want to touch it, wanted it to just fade away. But Father told us we had to read it and proclaim it at every meeting. We prepared Archbishop Stallings to read excerpts from the Clouds of Witnesses at every meeting, and on the morning of the September 14th blessing Father asked, "Who's reading the Clouds of Witnesses?" Then we could answer, "Archbishop Stallings is reading it. It's on the program."

We proclaimed it, and many ministers were almost lost. It became life or death for Christianity. We had no way to go but to turn to the Divine Principle. We couldn't just embrace and say, let's fellowship and sing a song together. We had to get down to rock bottom truth.

At the first Divine Principle clergy convocation last October in Ocean City, we found the spirit world had changed. You know how ministers would complain that we didn't talk about Jesus when we taught Principle of Creation, the Fall and so forth? It was conflict all the way, and by the time we got to the Mission of Jesus things were really tense. We just hoped that we could still be friends with them afterwards! Previously through Dr. Hendricks' fine work with Bishop Pak we had laid a foundation of biblically oriented teaching through True Family Values. That edified and strengthened the ministers. But now we're on the solid rock of the Divine Principle. The ministers are eating it up.

When Dr. E.V. Hill stood up in support of True Parents, I saw something I'd never seen before. Dr. Hill was a close friend of Jerry Falwell, a keynote speaker at the revivals at Liberty University. Dr. Hill told me that 53 people called him to not go to the Dec. 7 blessing, and he said, "You'd know their names, Rev. Jenkins. I won't name any of them, but they faxed me, phoned me, e-mailed me, and some even visited me to stop me going to this blessing." He said, "I need some help." So we asked Rev. Leroy Elliott to write him a letter, and he said, "Come on inside." In the video about the blessing he said, "I can see better now, I can walk better. My wife looks better to me now. I thought this was nothing but a cult. I stayed away from this as long as I possibly could, but then one day the missionaries touched me and I couldn't resist." This was after 15 years. He came to the RFK blessing and had an experience with Jesus and True Parents. He realized Jesus is in this thing.

After hearing from Rev. Elliott, Dr. Hill called me back and said, "I got all the ammunition I need. Those evangelists are just worried about man's righteousness, not God's righteousness." Then he stood absolutely strong. At the Dec. 7th blessing he totally testified that Father is the savior of the family.

In December when we were going church to church with the clergy, there was a lot of time to go deeper with the ministers. One day we started reading "The New Future of Christianity" with Archbishop Stallings. He said, "Why didn't you read that to me before?" His request was that we read from it at the beginning of every Divine Principle convocation and at our one-day seminars. It was given September 18, 1974, almost 30 years ago. Father laid down every major point of the Principle. By the time we get about 40 minutes into the reading, ministers are usually standing up because it's one Bible verse after another. Jesus revealed in John 16:25 he had many things to say to you but you can't bear them now, but when the spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all truth. And "I have spoken many things to you in parables, but the day is coming when I shall no longer speak in parables but tell you plainly of the Father." On that foundation it is very clear that we teach that God's revelation will open the parables and symbols of the Bible. Then when they read Father's speech, that's what they feel -- that Father has the code book to the Bible.

When Father reveals that John the Baptist was Elijah, and that Jesus was so clear about it, the scales fall from the ministers' eyes. That's why major leaders are coming in. Ministers are bringing 10 or 12 other ministers that they know.

Rev. Elliott and Rev. E.T. Bird are friends, and originally they had agreed that we were a cult. But then Rev. Elliott changed, and Rev. Bird used to persecute him. Rev. Bird is president of the National Baptist convention in New Jersey and he fought one night with Rev. Elliott -- "What are you doing with Moon, man?" Rev. Elliott said, "Jesus is with him." Rev. Bird said, "We don't need any outsiders telling us what to do."

When Rev. Elliott does a revival he usually has audiences of 2,500 and he brings in a lot of new members for the churches. Then he told Dr. Bird, I'm an outsider; I'm from Chicago. Maybe I should cancel tonight if you don't need any outsiders. Then Rev. Bird said, "no, no, Leroy, hold on."

That kind of conviction is in our ministers. They understand that this is real. Finally Rev. Elliott touched Rev. Bird's heart and Dr. Bird came to the convocation. He's a tough guy, but he listened to the Principle. We read the Clouds of Witnesses, and explained how the purpose of these seminars is to take down the cross. This providence is so incredible, and we don't know the preparation behind in the spirit world from the conditions Father is setting.

One of the Muslim participants in Washington said that in the Hadith, a core writing of Islam, it says that the Messiah is the one who will come and smash the crosses. One Moslem brother stood up and said, "Man, Rev. Moon is the Messiah because in our teaching we've been studying that the Messiah is the one who will come and smash the crosses." Then a major Brooklyn minister said, "Man, I got rid of my cross a long time ago." That just completely changed the atmosphere in our discussion group! He said, "I'm not worshipping a cross. I love Jesus. I want the essence -- Jesus' love. That's the essence, not symbols." He said that all the progressive churches are taking away their cross.

Then Rev. Bird said, well, I took my cross down a while ago too. He just wouldn't tell us. He was always reserved, but he's a righteous, pure, good minister. He can shake New Jersey. The governor, everybody knows him.

At Dr. Hill's homegoing service in Los Angeles, the mayor of Los Angeles sat there for three hours waiting to speak because you have to honor the man of God. These are the kind of leaders who are coming into Father's family now as blessed couples. Father gave Dr. Hill a special calligraphy because he's a blessed couple. His wife totally believes that we're one family. She had Rev. Ku, myself and Naoko, the missionary sister who witnessed to Dr. Hill, ride in her limo to the funeral. We were with all the relatives. So when Jerry Falwell and all these leaders were on the stage, Rev. Ku and I were walking in with the family.

I told Mrs. Hill, this calligraphy says, congratulations, and that Dr. Hill will now be an ambassador for God between heaven and earth. He can go anywhere in the spirit world. She said, "Tell me about it. Last night he came to me and whispered in my ear and I knew it was him. I didn't see him but I knew it was him. He said, `Ladine, just to go rest now. Everything will be all right.`" He's already with her. I talked to her two days ago. She's having conversations with him. I think a new age has dawned.

Future of Christianity

This kind of transformation is occurring in Christianity, but it's not just emotional. It's spiritual but based on the word, so when the spirit subsides, they still have the word. In this speech "The New Future of Christianity" Father reveals the essential content of the Principle, but at the end he make it clear -- approximately 2,000 years have passed since Jesus Christ's death. Now God is once again ready to send his son in the capacity of the 3rd Adam. Throughout history God always fulfills his goal at the third attempt. It is true that the number three is the number of perfection. This time God will definitely fulfill his age-old ideal by blessing the perfected Adam and Eve in heavenly matrimony, thus laying the foundation of the Kingdom of God on earth. This ultimate condition is prophesied in the book of Revelation as the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

Thirty years ago Father prophesied that his blessing would be the marriage supper of the lamb, and the Lord of the Second Advent is that lamb, that Adam. The Lord is coming as the perfected Adam and he will restore the perfected Eve. Then they will be lifted up as the first true parents of mankind. At last God's joy will be complete.

By the time we finish reading this, the ministers are shouting. And then we go into the teaching of Divine Principle, which is very beautiful. We put Mrs. Eu's version into Powerpoint. Eventually everybody will have their own Powerpoint so the words of the Principle come on the screen and the diagrams move automatically. Mother told us on a recent tour, please use technology as much as possible to convey God's words.

We have to see how God is working behind the scenes. Back in April 2002, before the 144,000 clergy blessing, one pastor from Chicago went with our Texas state leader to meet another minister. He looked at the minister and said, I know you, don't I? The Texas pastor responded, no, I've been in Houston for about 25 years, but I've always known you. You have a big church and I was a pastor down the road but we never met.

The Chicago minister said, were you a helicopter pilot in Vietnam? I was the guy who was wounded, dying on the field, and you were the only helicopter pilot that would fly in under enemy fire and you saved my life, man. They hugged and they cried together.

The Texas pastor said, what do you want me to do? The Chicago minister said, I want you to come to this Divine Principle seminar. The Texas pastor did come, and he got it 100 percent. At the seminar he bought 10 Principle books and went back. He was very excited, and then all of a sudden we hear he's having Bible study on Wednesday night with the Divine Principle books. He has his key leaders studying Divine Principle, and on Sunday he's teaching from the Principle. In Chicago this time he got 25 more books and bought 12 ACLC memberships at $100 each for 12 of his leaders. That kind of commitment is going on. He said, if this Divine Principle gets out to the Christian church and they understand, Christianity is going to explode because this is the undeniable truth. The deeper I go in the Bible, it's unshakable. It's real. It's what I've been praying for.

Where do we want to go? We've got to take down the cross. Also our youth and CARP must build our youth education movement. The time has come for teaching Principle to our young people. CARP is working to set up education centers in San Francisco, Washington, and all the major cities. It's going to happen. The spirit is pouring down upon the earth. We've got to get our young people ready by sending them to STF, and we ourselves have to know we have the authority and the power.

Archbishop Stallings

Then the religious leaders who can shake America are coming in to the blessed family. That's why the blessing is so powerful. Father wants us to continue blessing the ministers. We have 1,000 ministers who are educated in Divine Principle and we're asking them to go out and bring 12,000 to the one-day convocations. We want to educate 100 in each state and have rallies on Good Friday. Archbishop Stallings is now making a ceremony of how to take down the cross. He's our hero and we've got to pray for him and protect him.

He has a very strong anchor to True Parents in his wife. It's really beautiful to see his wife becoming one with his church. When Archbishop Stallings took down his cross, that was not a simple thing. Father really wanted him to fulfill that in the year 2002 because Father proclaimed it at the Washington Times. Archbishop Stallings wanted to wait until Easter, but instead he stood up right before midnight on God's Day, with a wrench, on his own ladder, and he's taking the cross off the wall. The members are coming in for the midnight prayer and they go, "What are you doing?!!" He replies, what does it look like I'm doing? I'm taking this cross off the wall.

Father was hearing this report and was laughing so hard. Peter Kim asked him, what did you do with the cross? He replied, I hid it in a room because if the members find it, they'll crucify me on it. So first his members didn't understand and there was huge turmoil in his church, but because Sayomi just keeps serving and loving that church, they can change. Also, Archbishop Stallings has 12 churches across America and he's united his bishops, bringing them to the DP seminar.

Now his members have settled down because they love Archbishop Stallings, and he has raised other leaders so the church is totally unified. Sayomi is that incredible sister. We need to pray for her. Her husband is really a hero who is directly engrafted to True Parents. That's why Father named their son Shin Young. Father only gave the name Shin to his grandchildren. What does that mean? It means Father accepts Archbishop Stallings representing Christianity as his own family. That's Father's heart, the incredible heart of True Parents, never putting a barrier between his family and others. Father is always reaching out to bring Christianity and the world in directly to his family.

When Archbishop Stallings spoke in New Jersey, there was still turmoil in his church when he spoke at the DP convocation. He gives the main message on taking down the cross. You could feel he wasn't there yet, but now in Chicago, LA, and Washington, he's flying. The people are shouting after he speaks. Father said, once you take down the cross, an incredible resurrection of Jesus is going to occur and a Pentecost is going to occur in the church.

Father gave us a new direction -- after we educate the 12,000, then on Good Friday we take down the cross; Easter Sunday we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Father is revealing to us that when we do that kind of internal condition, when they fulfill their rightful place with Jesus, then the spirit that's causing the division with Judaism, Islam and Christianity can change. So we must repent, and at the same time we must pray for our president, pray for our nation. But we also must really strongly preserve and protect this elder son nation. This is God's nation to usher in the Kingdom of God and unify with the Fatherland and Motherland. No other nation is prepared to do this. We must jealously protect the American spirit, but we must do it with love, with heart.

Therefore, we have to go beyond this war in Iraq. We have to declare war ourselves, war against division of Muslim, Christian and Jew, war against division of our mind and body. We've got to declare our own war. It says in Ephesians, we fight not against flesh and blood, but we fight against principalities in high and dark places. Our battle is in spirit.

Therefore, if we win the spiritual battle, all unity will come externally. Father has already won the spiritual battle. It's inevitable that the Muslim, Jewish and Christian families are going to come and reconcile. But we have to be bold and strong. Mohammed and the rabbis and Christian leaders have already proclaimed True Parents in the spirit world. They are absolute about it, and Jesus is leading the way. Heung Jin nim and Daemonim are leading the way. We have to have confidence that it's already decided in the spirit world. But if we don't stand strong on earth with that kind of resonance then they have no base with which to work.

Father told us, if you don't read Clouds of Witnesses then it won't have power on earth; it will just reside in the spirit world. But when you speak the truth that Jesus revealed, that Father is the Second Coming, then Jesus' spirit can move and it moves in the original minds of the Christians on earth. Then a base is formed on earth for the myriads to pour down. In the Last Days I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh. Amen. That's reality.

Are you going to be that base for Moslem, Christian and Jew to become one? Do we have confidence to march into the enemy camp? We will not march with weapons of war but weapons of love and truth. We have the authority of God's King, his son, True Parents, the authority as owners of Cheon Il Guk. We are the sons and daughters of the King, are we not? Therefore, we must usher in the kingdom now. This war will speedily pass away, but the remnants of the war, it's our job to clean it up.

We will not let this become a world war, will we? I will give my life, my fortune and my sacred honor. There's nothing that I'm not willing to sacrifice. I'm telling you before heaven and earth here at Belvedere, if it takes my life, my fortune, my sacred honor -- I believe this and I will die by it. That's Father's life. One thing I learned from being with True Parents the last three years, Father never stops risking his life. That's why he put his body in this situation right now. But I also saw Father as a living Messiah. Every time he walks across the valley of death, he throws himself into the world of death, but he always resurrects and he always brings victory.

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