Unification News for May 2003

Second Generation Workshop in South Alabama

by Steven Roppoli

The Family Church of South Alabama had our first All Second Generation managed workshop (ages13 up). Requested, organized and scheduled by some of our senior youth, Daniel and Barret (my work schedule was so tight, but they said we can do it!) with staff help from Benie, YoungSu, Coree, Unja.

The two night three day workshop was completely managed by senior SG members. Lectures of about 45 minutes each by two SG each, panel discussions and special movie presentations were prepared. (The Other Side of Heaven) new release (Mormon missionary on his first mission to Tonga; PG).with questions and discussions about the movie after.

Second day special message in the morning from Rev. Kim then we had a sports festival-type activity by teams. Four different events with points awarded to each teams then tallied up for prizes in the end. Every team received a prize.

Advisors to the workshop were Rev. Won Geun Kim, Regional Leader Steven Roppoli and In Guk Seo, married SG from U T Seminary. MC was Benie and Barret. Lectures by senior SG staff. Only adults involved were for meal preparation and overnight chaperones. We all slept in the church.

We had over 40 SG from three states AL, MS, LA. Yes there will be lessons learned and we will have a review and suggestions meeting before the next program, however this is the first "letting them run with the ball" so to speak to see what our SG can do.

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