Unification News for April 2003

Argentina WFWP Conference

by Miguel Werner

On Thursday March 27, the WFWP of Argentina held an event which consists of a lecture given by Women who are contacts of the WFWP, a lecture of Divine Principle or Values, a Video about the WFWP International, songs etc.

The guests received a warm welcome by our staff sisters and those who arrived before the beginning of the event could enjoy a wonderful Music Video played on the screen.

The event was opened by the Words of the MC and Vice president of the WFWP in Argentina Mrs. Gloria Dantas after which the Japanese sisters presented a wonderful song (The Mother) part in Japanese and part in Spanish.

After this, the videotape "Women behind the scene" was presented to the guests.

Then came the lecture "Ecology And Environment, The Awaking of a Cosmic Conscience" given by Elena Faggionato (Social Worker and researcher on Cosmic Sciences and Metaphysics). The lecture was very deep and inspiring and was given in Powerpoint system showing the ecological disasters caused by human being, but ending with a invitation to change our attitude in front of a new world thatís arriving in which we will enter in a state of unity between the spiritual and physical world and she called to an awakening of the spirituality and love.

The audience had an opportunity to ask questions which were answered with a great knowledge on the ecological theme and the times to come as a consequence of the aggressions produced by men to the creation. Note: Mrs. Faggionato is niece of the last Argentinean Constitutional President (1958-1962) Dr. Arturo Frondizi. This lecture gave the way for our next lecture given by Mrs. Rosetta Castellón titled "The universal Principles and the goals in life", a vision of the WFWP.

After this, Roswitha Giuliano, President of the WFWP in Argentina gave a short message about the urgency to educate people in Argentina on values and asked for a serious commitment to join the "Sexual Education in Values Campaign" titled "Towards a true revolution of sexuality, promoting lasting values", which started in the beginning of the year 2002.

Finally, Gloria Dantas invited all guests to join the "Sharing the love " Campaign, asking for voluntary donations in order to realize educational and solidarity activities, this campaign was initiated in Korea and started last year in Argentina.

We also invited the guest for the lecture next month given by the prestigious journalist Georgette Grayeb called "Womenís participation in the political changes through poetry".

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