Unification News for April 2003

Teaching English Conversation at Sun Moon University

by Lynne Kim

The Foreign Language Institute at Sun Moon University will be hiring three more native-speaker English conversation lecturers for the fall semester. Information about the jobs and application forms will be available on the university's web page probably from late Monday, April 21, 2003. The English information will probably be at the bottom of the pop-up that appears on the web page.

The minimum requirement for the lecturers is a Bachelor's degree in any field. The hoped for, ideal qualification would be a Master's degree in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages) . PhDs would of course be welcome, but the position is a teaching position, not a research position, and it is not on a tenure track.

Salaries start at 22,000,000 (won) a year paid in 12 installments. People with extensive experience or advanced degrees qualify for a higher rate. Housing is provided: a dorm room for single people, or a small one-room apartment for married people. A shared office is provided with a private desk, computer and phone, and a shared bookshelf and conference table. Korean National Medical Insurance and entrance into the Korean Social Security system are provided. The university pays half of the insurance fee, and the individual the other half. There will be at least one month paid vacation a year.

If needed, lecturers are expected to teach classes, special camps and training sessions held during the university vacation periods. Extra pay is given for that work.

During the semesters, most lecturers are teaching several classes of the same course. The textbooks and desired teaching methods have been decided and orientation is provided. Accordingly, there is not so much work in terms of class creation, but preparation is required.

Because of that, if the opportunity presents itself through the university, teaching more hours during the semesters is also feasible in order to supplement one's income. Requests for teaching sometimes come from local industries and businesses.

Visas require the original of one's university diploma. The university requires one's university transcript/s. Only native speakers should apply.

I can be contacted at: lynnekim@sunmoon.ac.kr

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