Unification News for April 2003

RYS Upcoming Projects - 2003

by Rev. John W. Gehring

April 2-8 Kathmandu, Nepal

Promote World Peace through Religious Harmony while building a school for orphans.

May 21 - 25, Seoul, Korea

RYS supports the Inter-religious Peace Sports Festival - click here for more details.

June 8-15 Perlis, Malaysia

"Give life" to a delapidated seniors home in Perlis, a small quiet town in northern Malaysia at the border of Thailand

June 15 - July 2 Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala

Serve Rural Schools, help Los Amigos del Lago Atitlan and Global Education Partnership, two great NGOs in Guatemala in our first partnership with Global Peacemakers.

June 20 - 30 Jogjakarta, Indonesia

For those who are keen to visit the cultural center of Indonesia, RYS Jogjakarta is the answer. Besides helping to build a kindergarten extension on a hill at Gunung Kidul, Jogjakarta, participants will be able to experience the rich cultural and religious heritage of this province.

August 1 - August 11 - Trinidad and Tobago:

Participants will begin in Trinidad on an beautiful 14 acre natural setting and later move to Tobago where they will work on the upkeep of the coral reef. Our education programs and public service will focus on environmental issues, cross-cultural understanding and character building.

October 19 - 27 Korat, Thailand

Join a youth interfaith forum at the UN (Bangkok), then travel to Korat to serve a nursery school and a Buddhist monastery. This is a fabulous event for October. If you have not been to Thailand, this is your chance!

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