Unification News for April 2003

IRFF-Tanzania Program AIDS Zero Transmission

by Arnold Kashembe

When we look at Tanzania today ,we cannot but feel appealed by the rapid disappearance of the sense of moral and ethical consciousness. At the same time, anti-moral ways of thinking are rapidly increasing, modernization, introduction of formal school system, rural migration among other factors have disrupted the traditional systems of socializing young people for adult life.

As a resort, there is a general decline of health situation among the adolescent youths due to the involvement into unwanted health practices (premarital sex) leading to high risk situation including unwanted pregnancies, abortion, STI/STD infections leading to HIV/AIDS.

Promiscuous behavior among people of all ages has degraded the human value of our society: No respect is seen among adults and youths, parents and children, husbands and wives. Considering these values degradation, the IRFF makes a difference; following the success of our HIV/AIDS radio program and the demands from different people ; the IRFF-Tanzania in collaboration with ENVIROCARE has started the communities outreach program.

The program focuses on going into selected communities to teach the IIFWP Zero Transmission by using the flip chart. This program has been of interest to parents and youths that we train as peer educators in other to rescue their communities.

Recently we selected 25 active girls aged from 16 to 20 from different communities that underwent a training for peer educators. These girls are coming up with Anti AIDS CLUBS in their respective areas. We receive appreciation from parents and different peoples for this program. There is also a great demands of this program from different regions of Tanzania.

Our message remains clear and healthy "Abstinence before marriage and Fidelity within marriage"

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