Unification News for April 2003

Take down the Cross Ceremony - Oregon

by Daniel V. Hicks

Bishop Scott of Portland Miracle Revival Church had a great Easter service. There were a few skits that focused around trading the cross for the crown.

First there was some story dancing along with praise music. Then three boys dressed in white came in carrying crosses. They walked to the front and traded their cross for their crowns with Bishop Scott. It was a wonderful ceremony.

The last skit was a group of people, some of them chained and two were carrying crosses. The devil came in with his henchman and began accusing the people. Then Jesus came in wearing his crown and they released their chains and dropped their crosses and left with Jesus and the devil ran away. This skit was great at emphasizing the fact that Jesus does not exist on a cross, He is beyond the cross with His crown.

Bishop Scott was very much confident and at ease when he began his sermon by pushing down the cross! I could hear many people gasp and it seemed to get a bit quiet. Bishop Scott then began to explain everything from the Bible. That the cross was a curse not a blessing! That it is time to move past the curse of the cross and into the blessing of the crown. People began to get excited and seemed relieved that the shock of the cross being pushed over was being relieved by scripture and Bishop Scott's good nature and sincere delivery.

Bishop Scott referred to True Father many times while focusing his sermon on fidelity in marriage and the value of the Family. He also referred to our local church and his happiness in working with us over the years. Our hopes are with Bishop Scott and the success of his church here in Portland.

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