Unification News for April 2003

Take Down the Cross Service - Maryland

by Angelika Selle

A very historical and spirit filled "Trade Your Cross for a Crown" rally and press conference was held on Good Friday, April 18th, 2003, at 11:00am at Bishop Floyd E. Nelson's Lively Stone Worship Center, in Landover, MD.

Ten keynote speakers; clergy of the ACLC, took a public stand on why today they planned to take down the crosses from their churches after carrying them in remembrance of Christ's suffering. Among them were Archbishop George Augustus Stallings, Bishop C. Phillip Johnson, Bishop Floyd Nelson, Rev. Michael Jenkins, Rev. H. G. McGhee, and Rev. Levy Daugherty.

Also, in attendance were other pastors including Dr. Chang Shik Yang. Soon the press conference turned into a powerful service; the spirit escalating with each speaker and eliciting spontaneous applause and shouting from the audience which consisted of various racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Archbishop Stallings began his speech by quoting the Song of the Old Rugged Cross, and he ended his speech by saying "Why not exchange the cross for a crown TODAY." Bishop Floyd Nelson made closing remarks as the audience joined in singing the Song of the Old Rugged Cross. Bishop C. Phillip Johnson held up a small golden cross and laid it down on the pulpit. In exchange he received a crown pin from Bishop Nelson. A crown was then given to all other pastors on stage as well. The spirit of celebration and liberation filled the air with singing, dancing and carrying on. Truly this was a Good Friday.

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