Unification News for April 2003

Take Down the Cross Service - Los Angeles

Two services were held on Friday, April 18th, 2003 at: Christian Light MBC and Opportunity Baptist Church.

Each service followed the same schedule with the objective of taking down the cross and putting up the crown. We bought a beautiful golden crown with jewels which was placed on a small red velvet pillow sitting on a golden tray. An 11 x 14 color photo of the crown was beautifully photographed ahead of time and framed to be left with the pastor. We made 300 palm crosses which were given to everyone, then exchanged for a 2 1/4 inch lapel button with a large color picture of a cross.

The order of each service was as follows: Welcoming Remarks by VRD Rev. Tim Henning; Opening Hymns by ACLC Choir; 7 last words of Jesus Resurrection by ACLC ministers; Musical selection by presiding pastor; An End to the Era of the Cross video (20 minute); Message "From the Old Rugged Cross to the Crown of Glory" by church pastor; Cross to Crown Ceremony by church pastor, deacons; Musical selection by ACLC Choir; Benediction by church pastor; and refreshments

This was a very inspiring uplifting spiritual ceremony. Rev. Walter Millsap, pastor of Sadoc Christian Church who attended the morning service, has scheduled his church to take down the cross for Easter Sunday.

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