Unification News for April 2003

A Cook for Camp Sunrise

by Debby Grodner

My husband and I are pastors of Westchester & Rockland in New York. We have been serving the 2nd Generation summer camps, families, and our Church contacts at Camp Sunrise for going on 13 years.

Every year it is a challenge to find a good cook with a good spiritual standard and a lot of stamina, who would be able to cook for the summer.

We can pay a salary and provide room & board at the camp. It is a very special, wonderful environment, and a real chance to serve for True Parents in the "with the heart of the Father in the shoes of a servant".

We need to secure this position ASAP, as the season is already upon us. We can be reached at 914-966-3228 or 914-366-6171.

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