Unification News for April 2003

COL Band First Time On Air!

As ambassadors of Service For Peace, the 'Colors Of Love" (COL) performed on stage for a public radio broadcast. 'COL' is an international and inter-racial female entertainment group formed of four young women.

On March 11th , 3pm, at Sun Moon University of Korea, they officially debut on stage of the TJB power-FM 5th foundation anniversary special radio broadcast, "blue spring concert". COL was the 8th ones up on stage following Korea's most popular singers such as Kichyan Lee, Hwe Song and MC The Max. They sang the remake version of the songs 'Because I love you' and 'Emotions.'

After their performance at the field in front of the main building of Sun Moon University filled with the crowded audience, they commented, "I can't lie that I wasn't nervous because it was our first time on an official radio broadcast. But generally we feel satisfied."

COL's manager, Jisu Jun made her remarks, 'The audience's response was good, and especially I think that our performance was recommended with high notice. We were asked from the PD of this program if we would like to go on a talk show. Although receiving positive responses, she didn't forget expressing the determination to keep on making further effort.

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