Unification News for April 2003

Blessing Candidate and Parent Workshop

by Matthew Jones

We had a small group of 11 candidates and 3 parents gather March 28th, 2003 at the UFC Building in Washington DC for a Blessing workshop. The goal of the workshop was to be an educational, inspiring and fun experience where 2nd Generation participants and their parents understand the Blessing more deeply and gain insights and tools to build a God centered marriage of true love.

In terms of educational content, the workshop covered three main areas: meaning, insight and skills.

"Meaning" is about understanding the Divine Principle and the value of the Blessing. This topic got the most attention. Rev. Shanker went into detail about explaining how Jesus could be born without original sin, and in that context explained the value of being a 2nd Generation.

"Insight" covered more internal guidance-related topics, such as why developing a relationship with our parents is an important part of preparing for the matching, understanding sexuality, understanding why drinking, smoking and drugs impede our growth and the importance of matching our words and deeds.

"Skills" taught useful communication techniques for effectively expressing one's feelings that can be used by children with their parents and between spouses. These topics were covered by our presenters, Rev. McCarthy, Rev. Shanker and Matthew Jones.

Dr. Yang also gave a presentation about Father's work, using pictures and slides, so that the participants could understand who Father is by the work he is doing. Of course, we also had great entertainment, including skits prepared by the participants about the matching and blessing.

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