Unification News for April 2003

Oregon DP Seminar

by Rev. John Dickson

Our event was held April 12, 2003 at the Sheraton in the Garden rooms with a luncheon banquet served next door in the Atrium with floor to ceiling windows to a beautiful garden. It was a very beautiful venue for the event.

Rev. Fr. Muntean of the Descent of the Holy Spirit Romanian Orthodox Church opened the program with a prayer and a song. (When Rev. Ware was reading the 9 points of ACLC, he said that he recognized that language because he'd spoken it before). Father Muntean, Romanian Orthodox priest, studied 9 years at seminary and has read the Bible in Greek Latin and English was taking notes the whole time. He had never experienced anything like this kind of worship service. He and his wife sat at the front row and were engaged in the program from the first moments. They were joined at this event by their daughter, a medical doctor.

Rev. Jesse Edwards lit up the audience with a powerful presentation that was very personal and providential. He hit all the key points pouring out his anointing on all the participants. Most of our Japanese sisters had a tearful experience of the Holy Spirit for the first time. I believe that this will have a great impact on our minister outreach from this point forward.

We showed the video at the luncheon and because some of our pastors were in it, everyone applauded with enthusiasm. A great gospel performance preceded the video.

Rev. Johnny Pickett, who was very inspired in LA brought many members from his congregation. One of his ministers has been regularly giving him negative information from the internet about Rev. Moon. Pastor Pickett explained to me that he was so grateful for this event, because his 'researcher' ministers really got the message and was reborn. Now his ministry will explode. Rev. Pickett testified powerfully to the ACLC and Father's vision in our concluding call to action.

The Fleming couple testified powerfully to this new providence and pronounced their total willingness to work with God, Jesus and True Parents. The Flemings, Rev. and Mrs. Moonshik Kim, and the Munteans presided over the blessing ceremony in the afternoon.

We had an excellent keyboardist this time that enabled us to have songs between each part of the program and background chords for the keynote speech. This really creates a stronger spirit and made our program feel more like the national convocations.

At least four pastors are taking down the cross this week in Oregon. Everyone wants to go to Jerusalem.

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