Unification News for April 2003

New York DP Seminar

by Rev. Andrew Compton

First let me acknowledge the wonderful leadership of Rev. Dong Woo Kim and the hard work of all the New York region District Leaders (especially Rev. Galvan who invested such a bright and uplifting spirit as the Emcee) and the church outreach coordinators.

This event on April 12 at the Sheraton LaGuardia East hotel, which we named "Tear Down the Walls: From the Cross to the Crown," was probably the best regional level event we have ever held in New York. All together there were about 300 guests including clergy and members of their congregations (deacons, elders, and evangelists). The total number of churches that were represented was about 155. One good sign of the success of the program was that very few left early.

When our leaders met to evaluate the event, Rev. Kim expressed that this seminar represented a major turning point in our one-family one-church ministerial outreach effort. With this number of positive ministers in support of our programs we can begin to advance our work to a higher level.

We were extremely fortunate to have both Rev. Jenkins and Archbishop Stallings as our main speakers. Everyone that I spoke to was inspired by the presentations even though nothing was held back. Archbishop Stallings gave a presentation that was powerful, convincing, biblical, and spirited which made it very clear that now is the time to bring down the cross. At the end of his presentation everyone was on their feet giving praise.

Dr. McLeod gave a strong introduction which called upon the clergy to seize the moment. He then stayed for the entire program, absorbing all the content. Although he has not yet indicated his willingness to remove the cross in his own church, I am sure he is considering it.

Most of our key ministers attended, including Rev. Kenyatta (the Pope of Harlem). And although Bishop Riley was away in Jamaica he phoned during the program to lend his support. We were especially pleased that Dr. Nicholas came (he has a congregation of about 2 - 3 thousand) and Rev. Lorient from the Haitian community. He had been a strong supporter, but due to persecution from his denomination we hadn't seen him for a while. It's good to see him back!

Bishop Angel Torres is stronger now than ever and as you may know he is already planning to conduct a special ceremony to take down the cross on Good Friday.

Other testimonies from the Bronx: Rev. Carmen De Ponce was inspired by the Power point presentation.

Rev. Jacob said "Oh this is good! I want to learn how to give this in Spanish. We've got to get this out to the people."

Bishop Armah testified, " The cross is done, over. Thank you God for what I've learned! For me what is most important is to bring down the cross now. I believe it is time. I want to do it."

Rev. Isaac Hernandez: "Yes! Hallelujah! I knew this all along to be true. Just not everybody is on the same level. Nevertheless it is the truth."

Rev. Richard Acosta: "Thank you for inviting me. Once again I know this is right. Rev. Moon has hit the nail on the head. Right on!"

One testimony cam from Queens, one sister has been doing many conditions for the AME Zion church, praying for the founder Bishop Varick (who is in the spirit world). It has been very difficult to bring guests from this denomination, but Rev. Tillery brought one minister friend, Minister Varick, who is a descendent of the founder, Bishop Varick. She felt that spiritual world was working.

Also from Queens, Rev. Hutchinson expressed that he needs to change the doctrine of his church, and Rev. Dr. Witsell of the Community Baptist Church, in his sermon the next morning testified to how inspired he was and encouraged his congregation to attend in the future.

From Westchester, The Wife of a Thai minister (her name - Chomsurang is pronounced like "true love" in Korean) was completely convinced by the program that it is time to take down the cross. When she returned home she was able to convey the contents to her husband, the pastor of the church, who has now agreed to take down the cross.

Gail Veith brought a negative fundamentalist Christian whom she has been faithfully loving. The victory was that he took everything in without giving a negative response. The atmosphere which was created by the positive ministers and the power of Archbishop Stallings presentation enabled him to remain through the program without making protest. Step by step even the most stubborn Christians are beginning to receive our True Parent's words.

Dr. Leon Blunt was very inspired, agreeing with all of Archbishop Stallings' message, although he brought an elder of the church who responded quite negatively. He will need time to bring his congregation to his side.

Pastor Garson Prosper brought 2 ministers, and wanted to bring more, but they expressed to him that "they already knew everything." Now he has requested the set of videos that were made of the seminar. He is going to educate them himself.

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