Unification News for April 2003

One Day DP Seminar in Los Angeles

by Mrs. BillieAnn Sabo

Our One Day DP Seminar event was held on Friday, April 11th at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel - LAX, where we have held many programs and blessings in the past. This was the first time we have tried a full one day seminar on a weekday. Always before, we have held one day events on a Saturday, but because of the difficulty to secure a national speaker, we changed our original plan to a Friday. Up until the day before, our confirmation numbers were not so high, so we really went forth with a huge amount of faith. But, Friday morning, clergy guests started arriving by 8:30am, 1 ? hours before the starting time of 10:00am. We had hoped for 200, planned for 200, set up for 200 and amazingly, 193 were total in attendance! Praise the Lord! Our Regional Director, Rev. Baek Joong Ku, kept telling us not to worry that Heavenly Father was truly supporting all the one day seminars and he was right!! We were filled with guests, the event was perfectly organized by our wonderful staff and all was ready for God to work.

The event started at 9:45am with Mrs. Blinky Williams leading our newly formed ACLC Choir. Blinky is the famous choir director from Dr. E.V. Hill's Mt Zion MBC. The choir was composed of singers and musicians from the Hollywood Choir (Dr. Hill's church), Shiloh MBC (Rev. Joe Waller's church), Sadoc Christian Choir (Rev. Walter Millsap's church) and our own Japanese Choir. They sounded and looked great! The welcoming remarks were given by our M.C., Rev. Tim Henning followed by a song and invocation from Rev. Eugene Smallwood (Opportunity Baptist Church). He attended the 4 day seminar in March and WOW was he on fire. After the invocation, Rev. Joe Waller, ACLC LA Co-convenor, gave an introduction to ACLC and read the 9 ACLC Statement of Purpose points. He did a great job and HF was really pushing him to give more and more. You could tell his famous cousin, Rev. Amos Waller (now deceased) from Chicago was really behind him pushing him! The orientation message was given by one of our local clergy, Dr. William Johnson, Superintendent of all Los Angeles/San Diego CME's. He did a splendid job. He also mobilized 10 of his "associates" to the event. The excerpts from "The New Future of Christianity" were read by Bishop Alfred Moore (Greater All Nation Pentecost). His reading was excellent.

The next portion of our program was the Powerpoint Presentation on the essential points of the Principle and Jesus' thought. This was given by our Vice Regional Director, Rev. Tim Henning. It was a one hour presentation and was incredibly powerful. Many of the original slides had been carefully edited and expanded by Rev. Henning and it was a wonderful presentation. The entire room stayed glued to his teaching and shouts of hallelujah could be heard throughout this hour.

Following this was our delicious plated lunch of green salad, chicken breast with wild mushrooms, mashed potatoes and warm apple pie. They were still licking their lips 2 hours later. One key to victory is always a satisfied stomach! The "Tear Down the Walls for Peace - the End of the Era of the Cross" video tape was shown next. Archbishop G.A. Stallings was scheduled for his keynote speech at this point, but his plane was late. He was coming from the program in Atlanta and his plane not only had mechanical difficulties but also a medical emergency in its layover in Phoenix. AB Stallings was praying and holy salting all over the plane for it to get going. As soon as he arrived at the hotel (about one hour late), he quickly showered and ran down to the seminar room. We filled the "waiting time" with more spirit filled songs from the ACLC Choir. Mrs. Blinky Williams is really a very energetic choir director, so she made this portion exciting. Our Japanese sisters had now become Japanese African-Americans!! It looked like they were going to start speaking in tongue any minute! AB Stallings finally came into the room, which was filled with loud applause as he was introduced. Because his adrenaline was really flowing, he gave the most powerful speech I've ever heard. Of course, his topic was "Trade Your Cross for a Crown". He spoke for 70 minutes and the guests were screaming with joy, shouting hallelujah, standing, jumping, waving their arms and hands. They were literally bouncing off the walls. You could hear AB Stallings all over the hotel. Hotel guests were listening in the hallways, people from other seminars at the hotel, would come to the hallway and stay there. Jesus was pushing him, Heavenly Father was pushing him, True Parents were inside of him. IT WAS POWERFUL!!!

Believe it or not, we still had more to go!! Our second keynote speaker was Rev. Michael Jenkins. This was a real powerhouse day. Not only did we have powerful local pastors in attendance but two holy speakers! One guest we were really grateful for was Mrs. LaDean Hill, spouse of the now deceased Rev. Dr. E.V. Hill. Before Dr. Hill passed, he told his wife, LaDean, and his choir director, Mrs. Blinky Williams, among others, that they must continue to follow Father Moon and support all of our activities and events. Before Rev. Jenkins started his speech, he asked Mrs. Hill to come up to the stage where he publicly thanked her and Dr. Hill for their love, support and dedication to True Parents and presented her with a beautiful evening bag and diamond zircon bracelet. She was given a standing ovation. Rev. Jenkins then gave a powerful speech regarding ACLC, their mission and the importance of all churches exchanging the cross for a crown through their local church ceremonies on Good Friday.

We closed at 4:15pm with another ACLC Choir song and a holy spirited filled prayer for peace and end the war by Dr. Jerome Fisher (Little Zion MBC). His prayer content was wonderful. He supports taking down the cross, and first met Father 30 years ago. He was supposed to give the invocation, but due to circumstances, he arrived too late. But the closing prayer was best for him to lead, as he really understands this time in history and the mission of True Parents.

It was a great day and most clergy were flying high! On their way out, they demanded to know what is the date of our event next month!?!?!?! They bought Divine Principle books!! They are ready!! God bless them and we gratefully offer this Los Angeles victory to God and True Parents.

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