Unification News for April 2003

New York Region DP workshop for Clergy

by Rev. Michael Jenkins

We had a profound experience March 12, 2003 in New Jersey at the Ocean Place Conference Resort. The clergy are absorbing the DP with profound depth. The state president of one Baptist convention is here. He is studying very seriously. Bishop Stallings, Rev. Edwards, Bishop Johnson and Rev. McGhee are the hosts from the ACLC National Executive Committee. Rev. Daugherty is our moderator, Rev. Schanker, Rev. Kevin McCarthy and I are giving the DP. New power point lectures with powerful graphics are being used now.

The theme of tearing down the walls is connected with ending the era of the cross. The typical problems that used to exist concerning the fall or man, Jesus mission and the fact the cross was God's secondary plan. There used to be walls and tensions abounding in the past.

Now the clergy are asking questions like, "Why didn't Israel understand and believe in Jesus." "How can we keep from repeating the mistake of the first Israel?" Some have completely come to the conclusion as one pastor stated, "Flesh and Blood didn't reveal this to me, it has been confirmed in my spirit that Father Moon is the one Jesus chose as the Second Coming!"

The depth of these clergy is significant. They have suffered greatly to remain in the battlefield standing by Rev. Moon. All of them. They are now becoming quite proud of their suffering course and how God blessed them as they overcame.

It is a most hopeful development. One pastor, who is also a theologian and professor at New York Theological seminary stated, " I understood something today that I never saw before. The depth of Rev. Moon's teaching is profound and shines the light on Biblical truths that were not yet uncovered. I come away with a profound sense of inspiration and the desire to study more. I've already made my reservations to come back for the Washington D.C. conference. It is great. I also realized now that Father Moon is the first that Jesus has anointed to build the True Family. We are also receiving that commission through him. I found myself thinking, Rev. Moon is like Noah. Clearly Jesus is with him. I feel he is like Noah calling us to get on the Ark. The question is now, will we be like the people at Noah's time and miss the ark? I can say for myself. That I will not miss this time.!!"

At the opening session, upon the request of Bishop Stallings, we read Father's speech, the New Future of Christianity given at MSG in 1974. This gives a most profound expression of the whole DP from beginning to the end. The pastors are deeply moved. Father speaks so clearly in this speech about Jesus and reveals to the pastors (Pg. 34 Christianity In Crisis - New Hope) the following: "There is so much to know, so many hidden truths within the Bible which are not written explicitly. If I revealed some of those secrets, I am sure you would be amazed. Even though I know these things, I could not tell you those stories lightly. For you would then ask, "How do you know such things?.... I learned them from Jesus."

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