Unification News for March 2003

Bo Song Koon

by Bruce Sutchar

Three teams are gathered here in Bo Song, the main city of this region of Korea. Rev. Nam Kyu Pak and Mrs. Tshiaki Yamadae Pak, the minister of this church is a young educated energetic and active minister. We have divided into three teams one led by Rev. Shin, who was Bishop Kims assistant in Chicago for some time. The other led by Mr. Joo, the church leader in Kodiak, Alaska.

Team One is led by Rev. Pak Along with myself, Mrs. Caroline Bettancourt and Mrs. Jung Shim Willis are joined by 3 or 4 Japanese sisters and one elder from the church.

We all go non-stop throughout the day visiting, Koon (county) leaders, myeon (town) leaders and lee (community) leaders, inviting them to the programs and rallies that we are hosting.

We have had many incredible experiences, The political leaders of this area--it is the green tea capital of the world-and is also known for its mushrooms and sea food (it borders the ocean on the South-Green tea health spas are a staple of the area as well. There is also a 1,000,000 year old dinosaur egg that attracts tourists internationally.

But the greatness of this area is its true beauty. The area is covered with small mountains and is a farming community-there is very little industry. And the people are so wonderful. There is no such thing as rush hour here and it shows in the kindness and generosity of the people. We have been so warmly received. The leaders here know of the works that Rev. Moon has done internationally and our presence here amazes them.

We testify to the greatness of the man who inspired us to change our lives and is now asking us to work for the unification of Korea.

Almost 20 years ago just after Heung Jin Nim went to the spirit world I had a dream. In the dream I was walking with Hyun Jin Nim through the villages of Korea. As went together visiting Korean families door to door, he turned and said to me, "Now it is up to us to restore and re-unite Korea." As I visit the koon leaders, the myeon leaders and the lee leaders, I realize that that dream is now becoming a reality.

Mrs. Christine Kung, Hideo Kitahara, David Hill, Jamal Johnson, David Belfort and my 14 year old son Solomon (a GOP student in Seoul this year) are all together here in Bo Song Koon along with Devlin and Ethan Willis, Mrs. Willis 2 youngest children. Mrs. Willis has been a God-send, for she is an educated Korean woman, mother of 4 children, married to an American and an elder sister in the ways of the Korean Church.

We have held programs everyday on every level. Rather than deal with specific miracles, which I hope and pray have happened to every team, I will just say that every program that we held was filled to the max. Finally today, we held our final and biggest program. It took place in a wedding palace in downtown Bo Seong, the capital city of the area. Again, the program was filled complete with many of the political leaders of the area present. Rev. Moon, who is the leader in Kwangju and who is the National Messiah to Paraguay gave the keynote address in Korean after I have a short talk about Father! s work in America and why Korea is so important to the American members of the Unification Movement. Rev. Moon was in Chicago for several months and we felt like family as we embraced one another.

We have also visited many families who, although members of our movement, have not been so active. Many of these have been deep and wonderful experiences. I hope that we will continue to do this upon our return to America.

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