Unification News for March 2003

Kwang Ju

by Connie Dee Sato

First of all, the attitude that brought me to Korea is the gratitude I felt for this special mission. Spending 8 days in Chung Pyung, sleeping on "Golden Basement Floor", I imagined King Solomon's Kingdom of gold around me, I felt humbled by my surrounding and how grateful I felt to be in such Holy Place and Country of our Fatherland. When my group arrived at my city, the first night, I was given a golden yellow blanket by MoksoNim. I cried myself to sleep that night feeling tears of joy in my heart.

Our first day, we visited our local area and gathered stones which we brought to the Holy Ground on top of the mountain the next morning and prayed for the realization of God's Cheon Il Geuk. Our Korean elders have a very special way of organizing our daily schedules. Although our western members did not receive any translation of what is going on, what was important is the unity of our hearts to follow our elders without questions.

Every morning we read through Hon Dok Hae lead by Mok Sonim. Being able to read a little hangul is a privilege to read out loud a paragraph or two of Father's words. Although it's a challenge to understand Father's words in Korean, it draws power to the spirit and body to achieve our daily goals.

Everyday, we went out on four teams separated by town area. There were 10 Japanese sisters and 10 Western members at my center. Each team has three or four members. We held 2 -3 banquets a day and each time we sang three songs to our guests. Korean old people love singing and dancing. Once I led the song Hookie Pookie and all the (halmoni's) old Korean women and together with our Japanese sisters started spinning around the floor with joy and laughter. It was a beautiful sight/moment.

The last two days of the first week, Mok So Nim took us to visit a very special historical place in KwangJu where the legend of True Father's first ancestry was discovered at this special rock. The legend goes that a baby was found crying on this rock, who later grew up to be a Prodigy Child. This rock is called the Mun Rock.

The last day I was asked to share my testimony at Sunday Service. Feeling the victory of our local center, we brought approximately 500 people who all signed up to support Cheon Il Geuk. The follow up will be a lot of work but we have many Japanese sisters married with Korean brothers who speak Korean well and who are really working very hard to help those people who signed up to stay connected.

I'd like to give my heartfelt gratitude to our Kwang Ju National Minister, Rev. Lee, Hu Pom, to our church Pastor and his Wife, Rev. Cho, In Kwan and Moon, Song Seuk. (they gave me a lovely dress(my favorite color of red and white polka dots) worn by True Mother as a gift on my departure day. They've truly embraced us all with their loving guidance, patience and warmth of unconditional hard work. They're truly wonderful representatives of our True Parents in Kwang Ju.

Lastly, I would also like to thank all the wonderful brothers and sisters whom I worked with in Kwang Ju. And I am deeply grateful to Rev. Jenkins and to my dear elder brother John Dickson and his family and to Rev. Kim in Oregon who brought me to Korea to experience God's heart of tears and joy through the Cheon Il Geuk. Above all, I thank my family, husband and my mother who helped support me in taking care of my family so I could come to Korea.

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