Unification News for March 2003


by Edy Iversen

For the first four days of the mobilization I spoke at over 20 rallies in different myungs plus one large rally in our town of Whisong. On the fifth day, I got so sick I couldn’t move. We were staying in a small motel room because the center was so full with 3 other Japanese sisters and our Samonim (leader's wife). I was so frustrated and cried out desperately to God that I had to work and finish this condition and he had to help me get well.

I was so weak I could barely walk, but went to get some soup. I walked down the street and saw a doctor's office. It was a doctor of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. God guided me to walk in. There I met the lovely Dr. Mie Chung, 28 who took one look at me and angelically did everything in her power for 3 days to get me well. She was a Christian and when she heard why I came here, she refused to let me pay her. She took care of me sometimes twice a day to get me well enough so I could walk again with acupuncture, moksa and Chinese herbs. My ear and chest infections became very bad so she suggested I go to the hospital to get antibiotic shots.

When I went to the bank to get money for the hospital, the bank teller took me by his car to another bank so I could use my credit card, and when he found out who I was and what I was doing, he escorted me to the hospital, stayed with me the entire time, and paid for my visit and dropped me off at home afterwards. When I was well I brought him Father's words.

God worked through the precious Dr. Chung who took care of me every day. We prayed together and I witnessed about Father and gave her Father's words on North and South Korea and the Spirit World. She even took me to her home and had her mother cook me soft soup because I could no longer eat.

When I left my town, Dr. Chung took me to the bus station and we sat and wept together. She was truly my spiritual daughter and promised she would go visit our Church after I left. .

At the airport I was interviewed by KBS (CBS) Korean Version. I felt it was from Heaven. The reporter wanted to know if I had had any deep experiences here with the people of Korea. At that time I was able to testify about why we came here, who we were, and especially about Father's great work to try and unite North and South Korea. I tried to speak a little in Korean. The broadcast will be in Korea and I hope I will be able to find out when it is.

It was truly a miracle. Even though I was sick, God worked to help me to witness through my suffering and hopefully to speak to all of Korea about Fathers efforts here. I hope they will not edit it too much and it will be shown on TV.

Coming back on the plane and seeing all the precious brothers and sisters was like seeing bright diamonds. All of them had special extraordinary experiences and each was so different. I hope they will all write their testimonies and we can compile a book for Father.

How can we thank all those that prayed for the mobilization, that sent money they didn't have, that gave everything when they had nothing? Without them, half of us including myself and my son could never have participated. Thank you from the bottom of my heart from all of us.

The most precious moments in Korea were when 80 year old grandmas would come up to you with tears in their eyes and say "Mi-Gook", which mean Americans. As little as we did, somehow being there gave them great hope. It was as if the Heavenly Marines had landed.

And a special thanks to our beautiful Japanese sisters and International Brothers and Sisters from around America and the world who came and the wonderful 300 2nd generation who did a great job too. My son David worked on the North Korean Border! They were terrific.

I believe this is just the beginning but am grateful we could fulfill Father's desire.

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