Unification News for March 2003


by David Eaton

Upon our arrival at the our regional center in Gwang-jin (south eastern Seoul) the regional leader suggested that we had a lottery to determine what local church we would be assigned to. I picked the Han Seon church which I found out upon arrival there, is our church in the Little Angels school. The church leader and all the congregation are teachers and staff of the Little Angels and the elementary school---wonderful blessed families, many from the 6500 Blessing so there were many Korean-Japanese couples.

We had rallies planned everyday including one rally for about 100 of the school staff and administrators at the Little Angels Theater who are not our members and who are somewhat skeptical or even negative. Our leader, Rev. Hwang asked that instead of reading the prepared speech we speak from our heart as to why we came to Korea at this time. Having performed in the Little Angels theater I could give a strong testimony to Father's vision for how the arts can be used pave the way for greater understanding between historical enemies like North and South Korea. The audience was very inspired and Rev. Hwang said that our being there really had a great impact in changing some minds and hearts.

Everyday we visited churches, shops and government offices in the area to give our testimony about our True Parents' hope for Korea. We were received very well by government officials and shop owners but the ministers we met were really hard to win over. Some ministers refused to have any conversation whatsoever. One Presbyterian minister we met twice, and though he was very cynical the first day, on our second meeting (just by chance while witnessing in the area) we broke through after a 45 minute dialogue. He said that if we are right about Rev. Moon he will follow, but he said we must be won over. I felt if we can serve his church in some way we can win his heart.

We had many great experiences and Rev. and Mrs. Hwang displayed a very deep heart in taking care of us. The rallies were well planned and very effective. I had brief encounters with Hoon Sook Nim and Dr. Bo Hi Pak who were happy that we were there.

We established a good foundation, but the next step is crucial -- learning Korean!

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