Unification News for March 2003

Mapo-gu, Seoul

by Robin Cox

I feel as if I've learned the lessons of a lifetime in this short time. From the awakening of my ancestors in Chung Pyung, to the harsh reality of city life in Seoul, God has been present every step of the way. I have had so many profound realizations about God's heart of love and His heart of pain as it is expressed in the division of this holy land of Korea.

Everyday, the contrast of beauty living alongside pain came out as I met the Korean people. Just driving or riding the subway, I found myself in tears many times - moved to be in my homeland. What a privilege to be near the real Korean people, in the dongs of Seoul. There were the wealthy Korean businessmen in shiny black cars and the sweet halmonims on the corners selling beans or fish. This is really the place where ancient and modern meet. It is as if the history of God's effort to have His own nation, unfolded before my eyes everyday.

I can see why God feels He could trust the Korean people with the great responsibility to receive the Messiah. It seems that they do not flinch at taking on the burden of doing God's will - and would find a way to celebrate life in spite of the suffering. This was proven by how well our Korean church members took care of us everyday.

From the time we boarded the buses at Chung Pyung we were allowed an open view of the Korean character. From an American point of view things seemed a bit organizationally challenged - the thing we complain about to our Korean leaders back home. But as we arrived in Seoul, and the next day following, I had a deep realization about how the Koreans were organizing. I knew that a people that had developed their country to such a great extent in only 50 years must have something to teach me. In one simple moment I realized that for them, God is at the center - not themselves. The larger picture always guided the leader's activities. That was the fundamental difference.

In America, we obsess about how every situation is affecting "me". In Korea, I felt the obsession is with how everything is affecting the "whole" - and if that taken care of, the "I" will fall into place, if "I" am aligned with God's heart.

Before going on this mobilization, I made the determination to be like a clean slate. I would accept any situation with gratitude and humility. This attitude has served me well. In these past two weeks, whether difficult or inspiring, from moment to moment, I have felt the presence of God. The greatest thing that True Parents have done for me at this time is invite me to experience the depth of heart of the Korean people by living side by side with them.

There is no hope of explaining the point of understanding, how important it feels to have connected to Koreans in their own land, and how profound it has been to have been welcomed wholeheartedly into their world. With the visit to Chungpa-dong also, it feels so real now to be a part of True Parents' family, not only because of the change of blood lineage, but because of a cultural understanding as well.

Now I see why True Father keeps saying "learn Korean". It will be all the more inspiring to be able to converse directly with the Korean people. They are so moved by even the smallest effort one makes to speak their language. This is a concrete goal I take with me from this experience - to learn Korean.

At this point, any thanks I give is wholly inadequate. I can only pledge my deepest devotion and effort to see the country of Korea whole again.

I pray that as director of the 2nd generation activities in Southern California, I can arrange to bring many American high school students to have this great Korean cultural experience and the Heaven and Earth experience at Chung Pyung Lake. Hopefully through Service for Peace activity.

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