Unification News for March 2003

Jin Hae

by Alex Apostolides

I came to Korea with my two sons, age 17 and 9. We ended up in Jin Hae is a beautiful city in the South of Korea and with another 12 members from America and Japan we experienced a week of True Fathers heart and Heavenly Fathers Love.

The local leader had just moved there in October and two days later was asked to go to the 50 day leaders workshop. He left his small daughter and wife and came back when we all went down there. He was as fresh as us but had a heart of gold and truly took Fathers position with embrace and love. I always admired a leader that had no pride and Rev. Son was that kind of leader. From giving everything to accommodate us to massaging some sick members feet.

The Korean members heart was so unconditional and very moving. We set out on Monday 10th and hit the streets of JinHae to reach out to the local people and bring the awareness of True fathers heart.

My 9 year-old-son Chaz was in the front line knocking the doors and saying hello in Korean and engaging with the Korean old people we would visit.  I was so proud of him and also my 17-year-old Jourael always reminding me what our purpose was. I cried tears of sadness and love when I had to leave. That one week was a week we will never forget. We have to take True Parents words so seriously and establish homes that God can dwell. It starts from within us to deny our fallen nature and truly become true sons and daughters. I am so grateful to Heavenly Father to have been able to experience this and in my heart my family has a place we can call home.

We must always be grateful of what we have ,and even if the conditions at the local center were very hard ,with a hole in the floor for a toilet and a bucket for a shower all of us gave our hearts and the everlasting feeling was that of a True Family.

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